Friday, August 30, 2002

And to start off my proposed early lent, I went to the bookstore and bought no less than 6 books. Some of them weren't for me. That's how I justify it. Two others were for my soon to be new money making plan (more on this if it kicks off well). And one was unexcusable...I bought crayons last week, but had nothing to color. So I splurged for a coloring book. I'm off to a great start already!
It's the weekend! Finally! I may get to direct an opera scene (Little Women -- my favorite opera in the world), or else I can choose to be in it....choices....choices. I have way to many things to do this weekend. I think we should have four days on and three days off. More fair, isn't it? I find that three day weekends are about what I need to catch up from all the things I didn't have time to do during the week. That's my theory anyway. I think my big plan for the evening is to take a nap and then read a book while I still can. I'm seriously contemplating giving up books for an early lent. One of my biggest problems with devotions is that I'd far rather read a commentary on the bible, rather than the Bible itself. C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, G K Chesterton...and even reading Christian fiction (well, I'm reading ABOUT God, right? Surely reading This Present Darkness counts as devotions). So maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to cut out all reading that isn't biblical (except textbooks...I don't think my teachers would accept the excuse that I didn't do my assignment because I gave up extraneous reading for a pre-seasonal lent -- ha. That ranks up there with "the dog ate my homework at a christian university). We'll see. Obviously the beginning of the month would be a good time to do that -- but then at only gives me the next two days to read everything I might possibly want to read for a month. AAAAH! I'll let you know. Knowing me, I forsee that textbooks will suddenly become interesting reading...wall posters, bumper stickers, the odd billboard.......cereal boxes.....
New poll everybody!