Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yesterday's Elopment

NO, I'm not getting married today!!!!

So Angela calls me at 2:30 monday morning to ask if I'd be willing to alter her wedding dress tomorrow. I said sure, but why. She's tired of planning an expensive wedding and is going to Cour D'Alene to elope. I was in Seattle.

I got up at o-dark-thirty tuesday morning, flew back to Yakima (conference calling with my sister as we mutually commuted). I threw on a black skirt and top, some makeup, and did my hair. Then Angela and I ran around doing last minute things like pinning up her hem, buying flowers for three bouquets and boutenires for the guys. We kidnapped her sister and friend from IKE, grabbed a veil from the Lighthouse on the way out of town, and were off.

Anothony (the best man) and I rode together, discussing the merits of the movie vs. book of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as I hemmed altered a wedding dress and sewed pearl beads onto a veil, at 80 miles per hour.

We got to The Hitching Post with just enough time for John and Angela to walk across the street for their marriage license, then we threw Angela into her dress, did her hair, affixed the veil, put on her makeup, and they married! It was a beautiful wedding. In spite of, or perhaps especially because of, the impromptu nature of it all. Michelle and I in black dresses were bridesmaids, with bouquets of red tulips. Ange carried a dozen red roses. Anthony stood up with John, who looked great in his new black suit jacket. And Alex took the pictures.

We drove back to Yakima, making a brief stop in Spokane to see as many of the Dinner Theater team as I could at their last show of the season. Then we stopped in Moses Lake to see Matt and his new baby. Then we went home, dropped off the underage girls, and went to Jacksons for kareoke night, for an equally impromptu reception. Mandi played a first dance song for them, and the bar bought a round of drinks for us, and the bouquet was tossed, and the garter thrown.

I'm totally eloping.