Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I have my final dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Must get up tomorrow and memorize the last piece. And practice my high notes. They went smashingly today, but tomorrow will be different. I'm sure it will be fine. But I must sing one good high note every day so that I'm confident that I can.

PS. I hate having friends who are perfectly content to watch the sex call in show when I'm part of the party and they know I'd rather not. So once again here I am at home having beat a hasty retreat at the advent of a discussion on anatomy and certain unpleasant odors associated with various body parts....lovely. So worth our time. Amazingly though, I turn off my Christian radio station when I get in the car so as not to offend them...why does it not go both ways do you think? Sorry, I'm in an abominably bad mood tonight. I have just finished watching Bridget Jones Diary -- arguably one of the most depressing movies in the world for a single girl. Somehow I doubt that Colin Firth (Or better, a Mr. Darcy of sorts) is going to come around the corner and fall madly in love with me as I make an utter fool of my self. Likely story. I'll see you when I'm in a better mood.