Friday, June 18, 2004

Ahh, back to the grind. Now I just have to wait for answers from those folks who were interested in my audition. One was Lambs Players, a Christian theater in San Diego. They aren't currently hiring, but wanted to find new talent for upcoming seasons. The second callback was for A and D theater in Houston. They are offering an internship position for the next twelve months. They have five mainstage productions (including Anne of Green Gables, the musical, and Shadowlands, the story of C.S. Lewis) and five children's theater productions. Concievably I could do ten shows in the next year. Sounds good to me. The pay is just enough to live on, if I share an apartment with other interns. The third was for a touring company through Wycliff translating services. They do a traveling dinner theater and give plays based on bible-translating missionaries. In the fall they will be doing a southwestern tour, based in Portland. All expenses are paid, and would make a very small per-diem. And lastly, a theater in Pennslyvania is looking for an ensemble musical cast for the spring. So those are my options, assuming that any of the three make me a job offer. It's nice to have options!