Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So, in other news, I have accepted one more of the roles I was offered. I will be playing Judith Claudel in a live reading of a play about the life of Rodin. Judith was his assistant. It will be a project with minimal rehearsals, since there is no blocking, but I will have to work on a French accent of some sort. I'm quite excited to get a play and a musical on my resume in the same summer, and hope the project will go well. If one of my friends who was at the audition got cast, I hope I can beg her to give me accent coaching. She learned her French accent studying in London.

I'm still waiting to hear whether my scheduling will be too tight to take on the third project, which runs the weekend before tech rehearsals start for Oklahoma. I did have to turn down the fourth.

I'm off to bed. Waitressing tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I hope this storm blows itself out by then.