Thursday, July 01, 2004

Another day, another dollar.

The quarterly report didn't happen until this morning. Wendy and I got lazy last night and watched Tombstone instead. I think I may have to become a grudging Val Kilmer fan. I loved him in the Saint, and was semi-ambivilant about him in Batman when I was a freak about the movies. I even had a poster.

I'm going to go plant an ivy and a star jasmine that I bought yesterday. English ivy is one of my favorite green plants, except for irish moss. That's the lush dark green kind with little white flowers. I'm going to have them surrounding all the stepping stones in my english cottage garden of my dream house.

And tonight I'm bartending in the main restaurant. Well, mainly grabbing beers and putting lids on things. I'm the "bar back." It usually means I go home early. Which is good for my state of loafing, but bad for paychecks.

I heard from Wycliffe yesterday. They want to make sure my letters of recommendation are coming so they can process my application. It sounds like they might want me. Two or three more days and the suspense will be over. I don't know if I'm fit for a ministry oriented performance. I'm not an "on-fire, preaching, witnessing, praying-over-people" kind of girl. This troupe recommends daily bible study (check), group fellowship and praying (gulp) and accountability. I don't like to pray in front of people out loud. This is very frightening, and out of my comfort zone. Two more days. Maybe three.