Sunday, April 27, 2003

Being a Baptist

Today I was Baptist. I officially ended my St. Alban's career last sunday -- and it ended on a high note...literally. Now I'm on Sunday number three of my church search (having been given two sundays off to start looking before Easter). A few weeks ago I went to the Reformed Presbyterian Church --- thinking I would go back to my "roots." (such as they are). I'll have to go back again. They had a guest speaker who was a young post-semenarian, and his sermon was a bit fuzzy. Not presbyterian at all -- the points weren't clearly defined with a clever story apiece.

So today I was Baptist. I went back to the church I went to on accident one day because I had skipped my own after spring break. I liked the sermon today -- there were 5 points, not as clear as a Presbyterian's would be, but still discernable. I found the emphasis on Christ above all to be refreshing. I found the emphasis on personal devotions very nice (coming from a church where the layreaders don't know where 2nd Peter is). And the friendliness can't be compared to any church I've ever been to. I met a lady today named .... no really .... Cookie. She was one of the people passing out visitor booklets with imformation on the church and a card to put on the offering so they knew you were there. I sat next to her during the service -- and she made sure I met all the people involved in teaching the young adult bible study. We'll see about this one! Its kind of fun to be visiting!