Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Job Hunting

Pounding the Pavement

This time looking for a second job. This one provides all my needs, but it's going to cut very close, at least for the next couple of months. So an extra job, added to my 29 hours a week, won't be a hardship, and may help me get back on track with my finances. Up to the end of tour they were good, but now I'm living on nothing, with every paycheck from now until August more than spent on bills, bills, and loan payments.

So yesterday and this morning I woke up, got into a suit and nylons, and went begging for applications. Today I turned in one finished application and three resumes. I'm hoping that I will land the job working banquets at the nicest hotel in town -- I worked there one summer after my freshman year of college, so I'm sort of trained. It was the best money I'd made up until that point. And I applied at three drive through coffee places for the early am shift. I'm not good at mornings. In fact I find it difficult to be pleasant. But I'd rather work mornings and have my evenings free later. Though I wouldn't mind triple shifting through the summer just to be able to afford to go empty out my long awaited storage unit.

I've worked 60-70 hours a week before.

And if none of those places pan out, I'm going to try for the Greystone -- a very posh restaurant. For here. Dad has the in there, so I'm hoping he'll get the word out. Even a shift or two there once in a while would be a help.

And of course, I'm a workaholic if given the change. This is the longest I've ever gone working this few hours (or doing activities -- in college and high school). Four weeks. Whatever shall I do with myself? I have no idea.

Cooking up a Storm

Cooking up a Storm

It's so nice to have a kitchen again, after two years without. Unfortunately my grocery budget is limited (I splurged a dollar today for a week and a half's worth of top ramen), but the mission adequately provides us with staples and canned goods. And the occasional treat -- like Costco double chocolate muffins and Safeway Croissants. And milk came in by the gallon. Expired a week ago, but it's still good.

Tonight after Bible Study Nancy and I had to eat something, so I made Green Been Casserole. Then corn bread for the week. And now I'm making a second batch of casserole and baking an herb chicken. I may get back into my bread habit now that we have yeast. Perhaps tomorrow...