Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh my, there's a car in my bed

Oh My! There's a Car in My Bed

Last night at midnight a BMW ran through the front gate and into the corner of the house I'm staying at.

Miles and Becky were in bed, and I was heading there, when this huge crash and shudder went through the house. At first I though it was another Puyallup-based Mt. Rainier earthquakes we've been having around here. But, no, it didn't feel right. I've been through a California one. The driver was not intoxicated, but claimed the break pedal had broken. It was quite a night. The driver tried to back the car out and leave, but several of the neighbors helped Miles and Becky yell loud enough to make him stay put. Four police cars and a fire truck were there within minutes. Then a tow truck had to be called to extract the car from the side of the house.

All damage is cosmetic to the house itself, the porch is a goner as is the front gate. And the police had to put up yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape for liability purposes, so it looks like there's been a homicide.

The only upside (strictly for me) was getting winked at by a cute fireman - in my pajamas with no makeup on. LALALALA!