Tuesday, August 30, 2005



One costume piece and bit of prop at a time I am building up my wardrobe for the show. Usually I come into rehearsal with an armload, leaving with one article. Repeat. So far, for sure, I have one pair of over/undersized grey sweats, on blue chenile bathrobe, one black dress, one pair fuzzy leopard print slippers, one pink and greeen swirl beaded shoulder bag, one pair of dilapidated UGGS, one quilted headscarf, one key on a chain. Nary a full scene anywhere. Well, I suppose the bathrobe counts as a whole costume.

Today at work we hung up a bejillion clothes previously sorted by Nancy (and myself and my mom) into black trash bags. Now the racks are completely stuffed just in time for our impromptu 50% off sale happening Thursday through Saturday. Those in the area might consider stopping by. Denise.

I heard from a very sleepy Jeff this evening who is in training with Alaska Airlines and working horrid hours. Eventually he gets all the flights he wants, so it all makes up for it. He may even fly in for a show. And he mentions a possible trip to New York. Lucky.

On a completely unrelated sidenote, we Americans need to be more careful what trashy shows we're airing abroad. A foreign exchange student came to our country with most of her knowledge derived from MTV and Oprah. Now she's having to buy all new clothes for school because she thought everyone here dresses like Paris Hilton. Not the case, I can assure her, but far too many.

I'm in the throws of preparing to teach. I can play anything on the guitar as long as it's in one key (D) and doesn't require more than three chords (I, IV, V). I can even play "The Wheels on the Bus" and hold onto the guitar as I go "up and down." Allie humored me the other evening as I had her help me practice singing all the kiddie songs I know. Tomorrow I need to go to school, touch base with the teachers, and find their classrooms ahead of time.

Exciting Day

Exciting Day!

We got milk in that HASN'T EVEN EXPIRED! Hurrah! Huzzah! And rice-a-roni packets. My favorite!