Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Long Awaited Day Off

Another Long-awaited Day Off

We've hit that point again! (it's a good thing) My nails are so long I'm having trouble typing. They all wore off in Cambodia with all the scrubbing, clothes washing, etc.

Tuesday I got off work several hours early to race into town for the follow up on a year ago's ticket deferrment. The judge was running ahead of schedule, and once we hit the half hour, she asked all of us with the same thing to come forward, checked our driving records, and let us go with no paperwork. I celebrated by going to the thrift stores to check on some new clothes for my audition that evening. I found a pair of express jeans.

After that I raced into the gas station, filled up, raced home, mapquested, pasted a fresh resume on a headshot, redid my makeup, fixed my hair, and drove to my audition. Seattle this time. For a french film. On the way there I discovered I'd left my purse at home.

All the way I said my lines in French over and over trying to get them to roll effortlessly and quickly off the tongue. I'd been practicing the last few days at work, too. I read french pretty well -- I read Le Lion, Le Sorciere Blanche, et l'Armoir Magique while I was in Battambang. But right now the foreign language in my head is Khmer. I called Teri and asked her to run over it with me and catch any glaring problems. She fixed a few inflection things as well. Then, I made my way in, did my thing, read the English sides twice, and went to Miles and Becky's.

We watched Stranger than Fiction. Great Movie!

Yesterday morning I got up at my normal time, had to commute into work by 10. Made coffee and showered while the Logsdon's walked Jake. We had coffee together, then I got on the road. Traffic was pretty good unitl the 405 one town above my turnoff. Then I sat and sat -- and had to call work and tell them I'd be late. 45 minutes late. But they didn't have a single table, and two of the other waitresses were on already.

Work was a fiasco. A few words sums it all up. 20-top. Separate Checks. Nursing Home. No auto grat. Impatient to shop. Sign and go. No tips.

Today, I'm doing a few things later -- probably getting ready to go garage sale-ing tomorrow since I don't have to go in until evening. I haven't sold everything I bought two weekends ago. But I've listed a few, and perhaps today, after I watch a lot of tv and play, I'll get some more done.