Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon. Grand isn't a big enough word. It was so colossal it seemed stupid to take a picture of yourself pointing. How silly we are. Someone along the way told us the average person spends only 15 minutes staring into it. We spent four hours, and even got to see sunset. What an amazing range of colors. I've never liked southwestern architecture, except for the palates it produces. What awesome pinks and oranges.

The Colorado River (which we could only see a tiny bit of) isn't picturesque. A settler once said it was too thick to drink and too thin to plow. I bought postcards of scenic parts you can't see from the top -- beautiful waterfalls with rare plants around them -- hardly desert at all.

Following Aaron's example I climbed out on a rock that jutted over the precipice. I walked almost to the end, then crawled the last few feet. There was a hairline fracture at the tip I decided not to cross -- but I have a picture floating around of me out there.

The guys peed off the edge...