Saturday, July 31, 2004

Going into the pool...

Going into the pool...

Tonight is my last barbecue, so I'm wearing a swimsuit under my uniform. I'm not sure if they'll haul me out tonight, or tomorrow which is my last official day. Who knows, they may chuck me in both nights. Won't that be fun?

I moved out of my apartment yesterday. My cats are hanging out in the vacant aviary at the grandparents' other house, and my stuff is in boxes. Goal for today, go through it all and get rid of half. At least. Every time I get back to my stuff, I need less of it. And it looks like I'll be moving at least twice more, and maybe three times in the next six months. The less I have to ship or carry the better.

I heard from Wycliffe. I'm trying to line up some sponsors through my church to cover some expenses while I'm gone ... Like my car payment and student loans. I understand that's pretty standard. On top of my presumed costuming job, I'm being considered for a movement role (that means modern dance, interpretively speaking) and perhaps the position of Restaurant manager on the road. I told them dance isn't my forte, but I've had some experience...I didn't mention the last time I had a dancing role I broke my foot mid-rehearsal and had to stand in the back for the rest of it. Since everyone seems to find me on this blog, I'm sure they'll know now.

Mom and I are heading back to Yakima Wednesday or Thursday. I fly out Saturday. Anyone of my Yakima buddies who want to see me before I take off, stop by! Maybe we can make a New Thai date.

Oh and a work story. My last for a while unless something exciting happens this weekend. I got in huge trouble the night before last. I walked through the other dining room with my arms full, and a notorious lady demands a milk. I apparently gave her "a look." (I'm sure I gave her "THE look." You know the one, Jeff.) So last night my manager gave me the proverbial slap on the hand and stuck me with the waitress that doesn't do anything. That was my punishment. The first table I went to, they didn't want anything, but a lady asked for milk in a plastic cup. With a lid. My manager was opening wine at the table, laughing. "Would you like 1%, 2% or whole?" Later my boss swore he didn't set that one up. Divine Retribution, that was.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Another day in the life

You know what I need guys? 12 people to say they'll pray for me on a regular basis on the road. I'll send postcards to keep you updated. Anyone up for it?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Getting Ready To go, or perhaps more stories...

One wedding story, then a packing story...

We were at a coffee shop on the way to the beach.  I bought a spiced chai with whipped cream.  The lids weren't fitting, so I gave an especially hard shove.  Whipped cream shot out of the hole, and into my right eye.  It coudln't have been more perfect if we'd planned it...

Last night I took two loads of boxes, pictures, rugs and blankets to the house my parents are at.  I have to be out by the 31st to avoid paying rent.  So today I'm going to get a suitcase so I can pack up that stuff, and I think dad is going to pick up a load of my furniture once I'm done unloading it.  Did I mention I have a lot to do?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Now for something completely different

Well, the wedding is over, and now I'm packing and shopping, and planning to leave.  The tour's tentative itenerary has been published, and I will be putting it online soon.    For my Texan friends out there, it looks like I'll be in the D/FW metroplex from September 1-19.  For my California relatives, I'll be in Southern California from October 20th through November 1st.

I have so much to do!  More stories from the wedding and the madness that is packing later.

You know what worries me most about the tour?  Reading the emails from my other actors.  They are all so devoted to reaching people for Christ through the ministry.  Not that I don't realise that is the whole point, and all.  But I'm not on fire like that.  I think Christian Drama can be a lot like anything else in the Christian Pop Culture -- cliched and poorly written.  And completely moot unless our lives reflect the story we're telling anyway.  In my opinion, the best thing about the drama we're doing this time is the lack of sermon or altar call.  Am I too jaded about Christian culture and performers to do this?

I'm back

The Wedding was beautiful.  After much weeping, wailing, and stuffing of baby's breath into things.  Anything that would hold still long enough to stuff it.  My mother was still making bows for the swags at the rehearsal, and would have been perfecting the topiaries on her way down the isle if we had let her.

The party was the best party ever.  The only glitch was the no-show of the dj.  But Andrea had the guy at the church stick around, we called him, and between me, my cousin, and Jason's sister, we rounded up all the cd's with her special music on it for the first three dances.  After all the wedding stuff was over, the real party began.

The real party was my side of the family and various friends that had assisted with the decorating, set up, and airport runs for the past week.  We broke out the champagne, told the DJ to play real music, and had a blast until 12:30.  Then the last four of us (Grant, Michelle, Jeff and myself) found two poor neglected leftover bottles of champagne.  We couldn't just leave them there.  So we found homes for them at the after party.  In the back room of my parents house we watched Monsters Inc.  Grant insisted we get to the 2nd bottle so he could pop the cork. 

The next day Grant had to leave, so after I ran to the airport and back with one of the guests, we all went to the beach, and ate lunch at a Thai restaurant on state street.  Grant left that evening.  Then there were three.

That night we three rented Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (not my favorite Lindsay Lohan film, I've decided).  The next morning we three took my little sister and cousin Nick miniature golfing on the way to LAX.  Mom and Dad met us there to take the kids back, and Michelle and I took Jeff south.  Afterwards we spent the afternoon on Hollywood Boulevard doing tourist stuff and screaming along to Ace of Base, which was in my sister's CD case. 

Then Michelle had to fly home the next morning, and I had to work, so the party ended.  But it was great, and we all have plans to meet the day after thanksgiving for the after after AFTER party.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Weddings are rediculous.  I'm eloping.  Anyone want to come?

The Wedding that Wouldn't End

The Wedding that Wouldn't End

So I sang at the wedding saturday.  However, saturday morning I woke up with the twenty-four hour flu.   That was miserable.  I absolutely HAD to leave for the wedding at two.  I left at three, with my mother driving, and me trying not to throw up in my car.  I arrived at 4.  The wedding was starting at 4:30.  The sound people wanted me to run my song with the orchestra to check the mic.  It was hot.  The wedding was outdoors.  There was no shade.  I got through one run through, then first chair violin took over and wanted to run it from measure 61.  I blacked out.  I came to on the ground with a couple of strings looking at me like "what's her problem."  I got up and walked into the lobby and bought some water.   "I only have to last until 5:15."  5:15 came and went.  We hadn't even started.  5:30.  6:00.  6:15.  The wedding started at 6:30.  Thank heavens it did, because the sun set, it cooled off, and I had enough water in me finally to make it through the ceremony without blacking out or throwing up on anyone!  SCORE!  I've never been so glad to get a paycheck in my life.  It wouldn't END!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Two days off

I'm in Newport Beach, after a wedding rehearsal at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel.  This is going to be the poshest wedding I'm singing.  The bride has at least four processionals.  One of them is part of the 1812 overature, Handel's Water Music, and of course the obligatory Canon in D.

  Tomorrow Mom, Aunt Dawn and I are going shopping to kill time.  I have to shop for the three months of tour.  I can't carry a lot, but I need a second pair of jeans, and sneakers, and socks.

The brief blogs will end as soon as the stress is over.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

New Job

We interrupt this blogging break to tell you that Rachel will be touring with Wycliffe Dinner theater in the fall.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Hey guys, the blogging is on hold for a bit. I'm too busy doing wedding stuff. Yesterday I frosted flower blossoms onto 250 sugarcubes. I baked cakes, cupcakes, and petit fours. Drea made over 300 mints. And I helped hold up an arbor while dad screwed it together. Today, I'm running to Oxnard to pick up my bridesmaid dress. I work tonight. Tomorrow I'll be back to the baking and decorating. So, I'll try to update. There are lots of good stories, but no time to write them!

See some of you at the wedding, and the rest of you after!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Daily Bread

A guy walked into the bar and ordered a Tangueray and Tonic.

For a change, this is a happy story.

A pre-teen came up and was quite demanding, and very brusque. The guy turned to me after he left and was astonished at how many people seem to come here to be demanding and have a bad time over imagined neglect and poor service. They should just be greatful to have the prosperity to be able to be here, away from the city, and enjoying themselves and their families. I liked him right away.

We got onto the subject of musicals and opera. He likes both. We discussed our favorites. I'm not sure how it came up, but the conversation ended up on Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton. We discussed thinklings for an hour and a half. It was one of the best days I've ever had out there by the pool. And his last thought was, "You are very odd, you know that? For someone your age. But hold onto it. It must be very lonely, but you've really blessed my day." Need I mention, he's a "mere" Christian. He blessed me more than I could possibly have blessed him. It was a great day.

Everyone is coming

My parents are on the road here. They should be in late this evening. Then, let the wedding madness commence. I'll be going to my Grandmother's house tomorrow to start baking, planning, and all around getting ready for the briday shower. And my bridesmaid's dress is in at David's Bridal. So another trek to Oxnard is in order.

Did I mention I will be eloping?


I just payed off the first of my student loans today. Let all do the snoopy happy dance together, shall we?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Efficacy of Prayer

After church sunday I went over to the alcove where the prayer team gathers. Between a change in job, family coming into town, and my sister's wedding, I figured I could use some outside prayer. Let me first say, I am really grateful for those two ladies. I am. They mean the best, and probably have a much better relationship with God than I do. I am not judging their faith. I am a little bit mystified about their prayers.

Lady #1 wanted the Holy Spirit to flow from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. She wanted him to wash over me and bath me in...I can't remember her exact words...warm fuzzies was what it amounted to.

Lady #2 took over. I tuned back into the prayer at that point. She started talking about patience and fortitude. Great start! Then it took a left turn and sounded like the entire self-help section of a Christian Bookstore. I was supposed to reach out and take hold of something, and throw it to the ground, and sit on it. And know that God will supply if I will only grab onto it. Meanwhile, Lady #1 was speaking in tongues. At least we'll call it that. There was no one interpreting, so it wasn't for my edification.

So, at the end of it all, I didn't feel any of the peace I was supposed to be tackling to the ground. They had all the warm fuzzies, and I just wanted out. Big false-happy smile and a thanks, and I ran for the hills.

Maybe later I'll make this a theological discussion, but for now I'm caught between feeling bad that I'm criticising two heartfelt prayers, and being shocked.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Minor Disaster

Tonight a cart hit a speedbump too slow to go over, but enough to rock three racks of glasses off the back. 57 casualties. 18 were saved. When the head of food and beverage said to start phasing out the old glasses, I don't think this was what he had in mind...

Screwtape Revisited

Heaven help us all, these people are horrible. HORRIBLE!

At one set of tables, no one is allowed to sit until Grandma decides where. The night before last they brought in four bottles of wine, and wanted extra glasses to go around. Today we tried to anticipate them, and places double glasses on the table they were at before. Murphy's law; they sat at the other table. We started shifting the glasses, and one of the ladies said, "Oh, no no no. We won't be having wine today. They've all been wine tasting."

Table two was better. One man brought in four young children, sat them at the table, and then made to leave. "Ok, kids, have fun at the movie later." The waitress asked if an adult was planning on staying with them. "No. Does someone need to?" She answered in the afirmative, and he promised to send back "one of the twelve year olds" to babysit. They adults wanted to eat after the kids had left.

Table three. Oh the charmers. They can't sit down at once, and they want to order one drink at a time. No one will look at you when you come to the table, but they get quite offended when you walk away. We got slammed last night. The busser came with one table's food. They didn't feel they needed to wait any longer. I looked up and the first table was gathered around the tray of the second table's food yelling, "who had swordfish." They caught me staring, mouth open in disbelief, and one lady tried to..."Oh, well, they've been waiting for a long time and..." I pretended not to hear.

The last I heard before I headed home was the same harried waitor back at table one asking about dessert. A little kid piped up, "Is the dessert going to take as long as the food did?"

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Another day, another dollar.

The quarterly report didn't happen until this morning. Wendy and I got lazy last night and watched Tombstone instead. I think I may have to become a grudging Val Kilmer fan. I loved him in the Saint, and was semi-ambivilant about him in Batman when I was a freak about the movies. I even had a poster.

I'm going to go plant an ivy and a star jasmine that I bought yesterday. English ivy is one of my favorite green plants, except for irish moss. That's the lush dark green kind with little white flowers. I'm going to have them surrounding all the stepping stones in my english cottage garden of my dream house.

And tonight I'm bartending in the main restaurant. Well, mainly grabbing beers and putting lids on things. I'm the "bar back." It usually means I go home early. Which is good for my state of loafing, but bad for paychecks.

I heard from Wycliffe yesterday. They want to make sure my letters of recommendation are coming so they can process my application. It sounds like they might want me. Two or three more days and the suspense will be over. I don't know if I'm fit for a ministry oriented performance. I'm not an "on-fire, preaching, witnessing, praying-over-people" kind of girl. This troupe recommends daily bible study (check), group fellowship and praying (gulp) and accountability. I don't like to pray in front of people out loud. This is very frightening, and out of my comfort zone. Two more days. Maybe three.