Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm alive

Hey, we're in Salem. Or somewhere around there. 8 more shows on this tour. If I haven't said so already I will be coming back on next tour which begins in January.

Tonight we set a new record. Kitchen crew was done by 9:45, with the trailer locked up. Stage crew pulled in at 9:57. The show ended at 9:15, so we're pretty stoked. That's at least worth a pizza or something instead of adobo. It was odd to be at Mocks Crest in Portland. We unpacked and were all geared up to fly out. Then realized we had 10 more shows. It was a great two nights there. What a trip to get to hang out with all 12 of the group on our off time. Usually we're split up into homestays.

We watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I really really really liked that movie. The premise was great. If you could erase bad memories from your mind, would you? One great part of the movie was when Jim Carrey stopped just reliving the memories, but began interacting with Kate Winslet in them. And the last memory, when she tells him "this is the last one, and it's almost gone. What do we do?" Just enjoy it. Every second. Some of the forced perspective work was great. Instead of relying on post-production special effects, the director actually built the set to create the effect on camera. I think they used hand held cameras for the majority of the filming. Oh, and if you watched the behind the scenes footage, one scene was completely improvised. The cast was filming in New York in the subway, and they heard a circus passing overhead. Then cast and crew chased the circus around New York City to ad lib shots to put in the film. And what an amazing cast. When Elijah Wood is the bit part...

Tomorrow we're off to our last show in this set. It's my day for devotions, and we're still working our way through the first chapter of James. I get to do verses 16 through wherever I decide to end. Probably around 21. I'm nervous. I like imputing into a discussion, but I'm not sure if I'm skilled at leading one.