Friday, April 18, 2008

It's snowing today. Hard. With a bit of hail and rain thrown in. And lightning, of all things. We decided either global warming has taken a turn for the worse, or the apocalypse is here.

Tomorrow I have an audition for some industrial work. It isn't glamorous, but it pays the bills. (Industrial work is all of the acted out employee training or sensitivity lectures. Bet you didn't know they hired real actors for that, did you? Ditto, in film, for all corporate training videos and those flight safety informational featurettes.)

Alice's Wonderland is drawing to a close. Yesterday was hellishly cute. After the Red Queen threatened to cut everyone's head off, and retired backstage in a snit, the kids took my suggestion to hide at face value, and eight of them crowded under the set table and behind the curtains. I had to do an operatic move - namely, hide a bunch of people behind my skirts. Holly came out and broke character.

I decided that, in the face of an appalling lack of spring clothing, I could spend my Alice money this week to find two pairs of pants. And anything else I could afford for $36. As a woman on a mission who hates jeans shopping more than anything else (except swimsuits), I was proactive. I went to my favorite thrift store first, and invested in a girdle. Everything fit nicer after that, and at Goodwill, I found one pair of jeans that fits except for hemming, and three tops! All told, I spent $32 on clothes today. I feel very accomplished.

Having done my spring shopping, it began to snow as soon as I got home.