Saturday, March 31, 2007

You would not believe how long my nails are here. They grow like I've never seen (Hair seems to grow fast too, in a tropical climate, but I've been glad of it -- it enables me to get it off my neck) and I should cut them, because they're getting in the way, but I'm curious to see how long I can get them. I'm not even really filing them.

Today is Palm Sunday. I'm getting a little misty today because next week is Easter, and I won't be home to see the new flowers, and freeze to death in the garden while we grit our teeth and take pictures in our spring clothes, then run inside and change back into winter. Three people yesterday told me that it is spring there -- oh, homesick! And yesterday Makera, at lunch, turned on the American channel so I would feel comfortable -- and they were showing video of driving around in North L.A. around Santa Monica........ohhhhhh. No chocolate bunnies either.

Today I'm doing research to go on outreach. I'm not finding out much that we don't already know. Keeping looking...