Thursday, October 16, 2003

It's been quite a long time since I've blogged, or at least it feels like it. Two jobs isn't that many hours, but it sure takes up your day. Plus, my hours are never the same, so I can't even get into a routine. Enough complaining, though, I really do like my job...s....both.

I bought new stationary the other day -- anyone who wants to start corresponding, email me your address! I'm gung-ho on the whole real, written, actual letters. It's way cooler than email, even if it is slower -- it's more personal and it lasts longer!

And speaking of new purchases! I bought a watch yesterday! I'd been wearing my broken one for three months just to cover my tan line. So, finally, I had some extra cash, and I went and bought a Fossil Silver link watch with a rectangular face surrounded with "diamonds." I'ts very pretty -- blue irridescent face...and best of all, it tells time...which my other watch didn't.

My sister and I had the day from Hades on the way back from shopping. Her car, if it says low gas, means it. Halfway down the hill the engine started sputtering out. We made it to the turnoff to our place, grandma brought gas, and we were ready to go -- til Drea closed the trunk with the keys in it. So I had to wait with the car for the pop-a-lock guy while Drea dashed off to work. And hour later they came and we got the car started, and Grandma followed me to the gas alls well that ends well. But we're never letting the gas get low ever again