Friday, November 05, 2004

Old Shadows

Jonathan: "We haven't been together since that phat house we stayed at. That's P. H. phat."

Vicky: "They were quite rude and unhelpful."
Walter: "The circuits or the people?"

Vicky: "It's not unattached, it's my hair."

Tasha: "You shall find her wrapped in a headscarf, lying in the suburban."

Ashli: "You should have been there when you were gone."

Jonathan: "Under $6? Oh no, I can't even get a frosty on top of my biggie size meal."

Vicky: "Do you want to know an interesting turkey fact?"
Aaron: "They're stupid?"
Jessica: "They can't fly?"
Jonathan: "If they look up during a rainstorm they'll drown?"
Amy: "They can make 30 different noises?"
Tasha: "Ok, Vicky, what's your interesting fact?

Vicky: "Don't be an enabler. Be a disabler!"

Tasha: "Is this what a homeschool convention sounds like?"

Amy: "Are we doing laundry?"
Ashli: "No, we thought we'd make a pile nd jump in them."
Rachel & Tasha: "Here's your sign."