Saturday, May 30, 2009

I put on eyeliner today for the first time in ages. I wear makeup every day. The same makeup, with the same routine, at the same time each morning. Today everyone comments on how pretty and glamorous I look. Hmmmm.

I got off work at 3, and had a rehearsal at TPS at 5. So I wandered through the streets of Seattle through the sunny day and 70 degree weather, talking on the phone to the oldest member of the blessed company. I had a molasses cookie from my favorite Pike's Place Bakery, The Three Girls, and a lovely stroll with my SPF 50.

Rehearsal went well. My second readthrough of a new play. We're reading it for a group of playwrites on July 6. It's still too long, but either the exhaustion or my newness to the genre enables me to slash through paragraphs of lines. Someone today called my cuts "fearless." They aren't really. After getting up at 5am, I lacked the energy to maintain that level of emotional disbelief for 9 pages straight, and opted to cut down the scene. It really was too long, started too high, and then had nowhere to go. I think my note was "shrill." Which I can be. Especially in a French accent.