Friday, June 03, 2005

Head to toe in Dust

Head to toe with dust

Today it was my job, as part of the larger overall job of organizing the craft room which just moved downstairs, to take 25 boxes, bins, bags, and barrels of assorted silk flowers and separate them by color. Well two days and ten hours later, it's done. And the wreaths are all on dowel rods hanging from the lowest shelf.

I still have the rest of the odds and ends to go.

I dusted the shelves and floor with my tushie. You can finally see what the floor is made of: (Concrete presumably, like the rest of the floor, but you couldn't be sure). The floor looks wonderful, my jeans less so.

Tonight my Sister is coming over to watch Princess Bride, which she has never seen. A crime against humanity, I say, and one we are going to absolve.