Monday, May 24, 2004

Two days ago was bad at the alisal. How bad was it? The YPO's were the nicest people here. That's saying a lot. Even Wendy, the eternal optimist, the last person to lose her patience, the one who tries to find something to like about everybody, declared over a bottle and half of wine (shared with three people) that "People suck!" I'd already drawn that conclusion three days earlier. And then in devotions I came to that verse about it not being any credit to treat people well who are nice to you. Every day before work I remind myself that, but three hours in my patience is again shot, and I've failed miserably in the Charity department. Eye rolling on the way to the bar would have cost me my salary by now (my parents used to charge a dollar a roll). At least C. S. Lewis admits that charity doesn't mean trying to convince yourself they they aren't such bad chaps after all...
Quote of the day:

"I can't wait until I'm my age!"

I'm having trouble again with my blog...will try to delete the multiple postings.

I worked today at the golf lounge. It was very slow. I read the entire first Harry Potter book, save one chapter.

I spent the rest of the shift listening in to the golfers' conversations. Whoever said rich people don't talk about money aren't quite correct. They'd never stoop to discuss a new deal, but they spend a great deal of time talking about real estate and the stock market. I tried to listen for good tips while reading the business section of the paper. Dry reading, that. Except for an article on the recent collapse of the airport wing in Paris. And a trapese artist in Wisconsin fell without a net and died. I don't know why that counted as business, but oh well.