Monday, March 29, 2010

Auditions Season is Here

Auditions Season is upon us

Tonight I had my Village Theater audition. I'd missed the initial sign up, having decided to opt out of joining the professional theatrical society this year. But Zandi clued me in that it was that time of year again, and I called and begged for any open spot. I also checked my other main hopeful - the Children's Theater, and sent them a hard copy of my headshot requesting an audition slot for their upcoming generals as well.

Village was gracious enough to give me a time slot on three days' notice. With no time to prepare new material, I revived my last years Children's Theater audition with an even older monologue I'd retired for my Southern dialect one. That's not usually a great choice, but I was prepping for my Oklahoma! audition and wanted to practice. It turns out all the advice was right, and auditioning with old comfortable material is better than frantically trying the new and untested. I walked in, whipped out some old standards, and left feeling very good about the audition.

I'm still debating whether to try for the 5th. Somehow I never feel comfortable there. If it's not too late, I may try.

I audition for Annie next week, which is my most nerve-wracking one. Not because of the venue, but because it's Alan's play, and I have to blow them away or he can't justify casting his fiance. This is reminding me of all those drum major auditions a million years ago...