Friday, April 29, 2005


Pressing on Towards the Goal to Win the Prize

We're in Fremont, CA. As near as I can tell without actually consulting a map we're somewhere near Sacramento -- within two hours. Tomorrow we'll be in Exeter, which is between Fresno and Bakersfield. Then Sacramento, Los Altos, Walnut Creek and Watsonville. And then we'll be done. Six shows left.

I haven't coined a term for week two. Last week was Nostalgia Week. This week is spent looking ahead to the finish line. We're down to single digits. One more food order. Tasha is making a list of roommates so that everyone gets to stay with everyone at least once, except for the guys.

It looks like I have a job for the next year. I put my requests on the table and prayed. I learned my lesson about planning, and told God I'd do whatever, but here were some things I'd kind of like. And he answered all of them. I've decided that God will answer any request you bring as long as you aren't too picky about how he brings it about. For example: one time I prayed that sometime I'd get to live above a shop downtown in a city. I didn't specify which city. And now I get to. In downtown Yakima.

I spent last night and this morning patching my jeans again. I think they'll hold it together for another 13 days...