Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ah....Theater (Theatre?)

It has been quite a stressful month-or-so. Late spring is my busiest production season. In addition to the usual string of shows, all of the year-long classes at the Studio begin having end of year performances (The Shakespeare Class and the Homeschool Drama Class), which are off the radar in my normal production schedule.

In addition, there has been much drama with a show I recently costumed, which was difficult to put up, was recast halfway through the run (which meant re-costuming, as the new actress couldn't wear the original costumes), and then the original actress returned. I'm four shows past it now, in the two weeks since that one opened, and still dealing with the fallout.

I'm currently doing a one weekend only run of Singin' in the Rain with the most amazing cast of professional actors. It's a cast chock full of people I've seen in productions at the best houses in town. Now I'm sitting in a room with them all week enjoying meeting people that were much discussed backstage during Fiddler. They really are that talented. I asked the girl playing Lina if she was also daunted to receive a cast list with SO MANY asterisks in it. (Asterisks notate actors who are a member of the Actor's Equity Union - IE, well paid professional stage actors) She admitted that she was daunted as well. Last night was the first performance, and was well-received. Today is the last. It's very sad to work for such a brief time with this amazing group.

Next up, I have to mount Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and Leading Ladies. Then summer is upon me, and waitressing recommences...

I'm looking forward to waitressing this summer. This season has been loaded with experiences, and I'm tired and needing a break before a burnout happens. It will be nice to have free summer evenings, as neither Alan nor I are rehearsing anything for the near future. Alan begins rehearsing 39 Steps in late July, and I have no upcoming acting gigs at the moment. I do have a callback for a show around Christmas, but we'll have to wait and see on that one...