Sunday, May 29, 2005

Star Wars Episode III


I finally saw the third one. I went in determinedly skeptical, but somewhere got sucked in. Poor Padme. All of the strength and fire in her is gone. And poor Leia - her best speech now null and void. And Obi Wan. Trying to be like his master but falling short. How hard to follow Darth Vader and destroy him. And Anakin. Pulled three directions. Used by all, and ultimately his attempt to mistakenly do the right thing is the very thing that brings him to allegiance with Darth Sidious.

What a graphic hunting down of the Jedi. I'm glad they showed it all. Even the children.

And Palpatine. What a way to show his disfigurement. How young must the actor have been the first time around. Yoda. Failed in his effort to bring Darth Sidious down and forced into exile. And Chewbacca -- really played by Peter Mayhew again! And James Earl Jones uncredited in the end.

And how cool how they tied all of the weaponry and ships together. Look at the tail end of Organa's ship and tell me what it reminds you of. And the X wing and Y class ships. Only, isn't it a bit early for the Death Star? (Nice cameo of General whatshisname)

Then watch A New Hope again. Are all the storm troopers clones? When did Darth Vader find out that Palpatine lied, and his son is alive? Leia got so close to Ben Kenobi. Only a few miles of atmosphere between then when she was captured.

Darth Vader's fall at the hands of Obi Wan alone redeemed the first two movies.



Why does change, even good change, even change that you know to be right where you're supposed to be, feel a little bit like dying.