Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Oh panic attack! I can feel it coming. Took the times for my recital pieces, and it seemed that I was 25 minutes short -- not good in a 50 minute recital. So I checked the times...and indeed I'm only 10 minutes short -- after adding 4 songs. So, yeah. Is Rachel a happy camper about all this extra work? She is not. Is she happy that she has 5 voice lessons that need to be made up? Nope. Is she happy that Matt is going to the Met the week of her recital? (actually, I'm thrilled for his sake, but ticked that he's taking VC with him) Is she happy that the recital is in five weeks, and she has music to memorize, a dress to finish, and an opera to do? Pretty much "scared spitless" is the proper work. I'll get back to you after my nervous breakdown commences. I'm going to bed.
Baylor decided not to close down today...apparently ON campus the conditions have improved. They didn't bother to take into account the many of us who live off campus who still can't drive in. I'm not going to my morning classes..but afternoon I have a midterm, unless she pushed it back a day to account for the day we lost. Please please please! Anyway, that's the news from the homefront!