Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jeans, the bane of a woman's existence

Alright ladies, who's with me?

I went to the mall recently needing a new pair of jeans. Jean shopping is a horror second only to the dreaded swimsuit season. Somebody needs to do something about the size standard.

At first I thought I'd just buy a pair of the jeans I had. L.E.I. size 5 with lengthwise striations. Do they carry those anymore? NO. As soon as you find a pair of jeans that looks halfway decent, and doesn't make you feel like a cow, they get rid of it. So the next time you're back in the store trying on five hundred pairs. Now, guys, I'm sure you're wondering how hard this can be. You just find your size and try it on, right?


On that particular day in the mall I started in the teen section, since they had L.E.I. Normally I wear a 5/7. So I grabbed them. I couldn't get my leg in. I grabbed a 9. Couldn't zip it. I drew the line and trying on an 11. My ego couldn't handle it. SO I went upstairs to the womens' section.

The problem up there is they don't make jeans low rise very often. I don't need jeans so far down it merits a special shave, but I don't want hip waders either. I decided not to press my luck and grabbed a 7. And went swimming. It almost didn't stay on my hips. I worked my way back down and wound up buying a Calvin Klein size 2. Low-ish rise. Slim leg. But not eighties slim. Which is coming back. And is a story for another time.

End of the Month

It's the last day of June. Time to pull out the ledger and do my quarterly report, as well as my month end report. Yes, I'm a geek. But Wendy will be right there with me. If you only knew how bad a state my finances were in a year ago, you'd be proud of my progress. Besides, I really like totalling up columns, checking that everything balances, and then decorating the page for the next month. Crayola makes everything fun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Harry Potter

This article, I'm sure, has circulated around a hundred times, but this is the first I've read of it. It defends Harry Potter from those that outright reject the Harry Potter series. A very good read, though it assumes you've read the first two.
Here are a few sites of people who have visited me recently: Janet and Laurie. Check them out!

Feeling really dumb...

I've just read, for the first time, The Man Who Was Thursday by Chesterton. I'm on my second read through. The first time I blasted through to get to the point. I felt really dumb by the end. I didn't understand any of the symbolism. And the only surprise I got right in the plot was knowing the connection between Sunday and the man in the dark room. Now I'm going line by line back through. Very slowly. Can anyone tell me what Gregory's sister is supposed to be?

More Scary but true...

A server at the chuckwagon sends a drink order through with a note to *see server.* He dashes in and tells me the lady is a "little bit picky." She wants one lemonade, half lemonade, half water. And one arnold palmer (usually half lemonade, half iced tea) with 70% water, and 15% iced tea and lemonade. We spent some time in stitches debating exactly how much is 70% of a 20-ounce glass. (14 ounces, if anyone did the math) How unreal is this place?

Brains draining away

Wendy's family is out of town for the next two days packing up the house they just sold. So I was given the keys to the place and unlimited use of a computer. I've been online for hours. I was on for four hours this morning, and it's after midnight now. In my defense (because surely no one who reads this blog has ever spent too much time online before) I haven't had internet connection of my own in over a year. I will be so glad to move into a place where I can enjoy my occasional addiction. I've missed browsing the movie goofs pages, and having ages to look up links to my blog. Boy, this might explain why I've had more dates this year than in my entire college life combined (three, if you MUST know -- and college had extenuating circumstances).

What am I whiling away my evening reading? Um. Buffy scripts. Isn't there any way to make that smaller? My sister bought the ENTIRE season six and we had ourselves a marathon. I never watched Buffy until she bought season five. I read studiously through the first ten episodes. By the twelfth I was catching the occasional scene. I was suckered into the 16th, and then I watched the rest. And there is a LOT of Spike in season six. He's my favorite. Help me, I've inadvertently joined thousands of screaming pre-teens. But his characterization is amazing. Especially in one episode that goes through his entire lifespan as a vamp. Very nice transitions. I'm going to have to watch House on Haunted Hill again. He played "Camera man #3." Lucky guy -- a real number. Which is more than I can say for myself.

Really I'm trying to numb out the suspense of waiting for these directors to get back to me. It'll all be old hat after a while, but this is my first round of casting calls. I'll know by the end of the week. I've been slightly nauseous for several days.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Fed Up

That's it, I'm going to get lunch. Rarrrgh.

More horrible blogness

Frustrated! Blogger doesn't support any recent comment functions that I can find. And my picture is not converting from tif. Hours later I'm right where I started.

Blogger stuff

I have been online for hours trying to upload a picture into my sidebar. Also, I'm trying to find the code for a most recent comments function in my sidebar. Now I'm trying to convert an image from tif to something else that will upload into imagehosting and then somehow I'll get it into my blog. I know just enough to modify my template and colors, but not enought to do otherwise than keep plugging away by trial and error. I'm getting frustrated.


This is my 700th blog. Pretty cool!

I have the day off today. I have to call around and make sure all the letters of recommendation I've been begging have made it in the mail. Wycliffe will be making a decision at the end of this week. I should hear back from Houston shortly afterwards. The suspense is nagging.

I sang last night. One of the ladies in the bar apparently has something to do with LA Opera. Of course, there are lots of people who have *something to do* with lots of places. I hate to be cynical, but not everyone is discovered in some out of the way place and boosted to instant success.

I intend to bum about today, practice some, and do more bumming. Maybe weed my garden. Boy I wish I had something more profound to blog.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Samaritan's Purse

Speaking of...nothing like this, actually. But We're only 5 months away from the last week possible to make your Christmas Shoeboxes. Anyone who has never worked with Operation Christmas Child really ought to. They send packages of toiletries, toys, coloring books, etc oveseas to children who would not otherwise have gifts at christmas. Teri Peterson and I did the program in high school for several years. Think ahead next time you are at Walmart or Costco. Appropriate additions include toothbrushes, washcloths, soap, toothpaste, hairclips, things like that. If you can buy them in bulk and split the items between various boxes, it'll save you some money in the long run. Not that saving money should be your main goal, but we found planning ahead means you could make an extra shoebox or two. And if you're really inspired, why not work with your church to be collection site. The information is on their website. Go check it out. It's a good way to use your surplus tithe!
False alarm. I heard back from the guy who recommended me. He spoke to the director of Marry Me, A Little. He hired someone else yesterday. I'm disappointed, and relieved. The show opens in a week, and runs for four. I don't know how I would have done Drea's wedding and be on call for a show the same night. Just kidding Drea, of course I wouldn't have left your wedding....maybe the reception...

On the positive side, it was very nice to be recommended. And they're "keeping me in mind" for next time. Whatever that means!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ok, another one!

Dave Barry

by Fish 42

At the end of the Council of Elrond, everyone concluded that 'Shards of Narsil' would be a great name for a band.

I have very little to blog about...but five posts away from my 700th blog, so I'm filling up space. I popped over to this site courtesy of the Elfin Ethicist. The site is "what if LOTR was written by someone else." I really like the Douglas Adams examples, Jane Austin, and C.S. Lewis. The Dickens one is very clever. And this one:

Friends: The One with the Ring.

by AckThud

Frodo Bing: Could we BE in any more peril? Mt. Doom is SO much further than Tulsa!

JoeWise: Don't worry, Mr. Frodo, I'm sure it'll be fine, so long as they have sandwiches there. Besides, we got this guide helping out here. Hey, How you doin'?

SmeaGellar: Um, ittttt burnsssssssssssss, like, I could help, but um.....there's this precioussssssssss...I, uhhhhh.....

Frodo Bing: Could you FORM a complete sentence?


Tom Phoebedil:

SmeaGellar, SmeaGellar,
Why are they torturing you?

SmeaGellar, SmeaGellar,
It's not your fau-au-aullllt!!!!

Oh,and this one..

Gilbert and Sullivan

by Zanzibar

I am the very model of the modern magus Mithrandir

I fought the Balrog in the chasm and was his extinguisher

I know who is the king to be and all Middle Earth's history

As well as all the lin-e-age that makes up Strider's ancestry

I ride upon the mearas that is known to you as Shadowfax

And fight Saruman's tyranny by leading Rohan in attacks

For guidance information about messing with a palantír

I am the very model of the modern magus Mithrandir

Another busy day in the "Waggin' Tongue." (actually overheard: "That's not the way you spell that." "It's a PUN!") I've made over a hundred dollars a day the last two. If I keep this up, I might have a good pay period. I could use it! The starving artist phase of existance is fast approaching!

I got in trouble today. There's usually an hour or two of dead between the lunch rush and afternoon cocktails. I started bringing a book to work, which is ok with three of my four managers, but really makes the fourth mad. She went through my cart, found my book, and sent me home to put it away. I'll not make that mistake again.

There is a new bellman at work who is really on fire. He came to get a soda on his rounds and was telling me that he's having trouble talking with people about truth when, 1) they don't believe it exists, 2) they don't accept the Bible as the basis for living, and 3) if they do believe in truth, it is considered relative. We discussed how "truth" by definition must be absolute. Now he stops by two or three times a day instead of once. If only he knew that I have to wear my extra-large cross necklace at work, under my uniform. Having it wacking me about the midsection reminds me to be charitable...or that's the theory at least. I have 1 Corinthians 13 taped to the bar, but I still find Charity in short supply. Patience is in short supply, and I struggle not to be rude to abominable customers. Rarrgh. Confessions of a bartender...

Well, I've been sitting by my phone for 24 hours hoping that director will call. I hate playing this game. I don't have the number of the guy who recommended me, to ask what's up. This business is weird.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I spoke with my high school and junior high youth leader this morning. I haven't seen her in probably two years...It was so good to talk with her. Two of her children are abroad doing missions work. She and her husband are leaving to build a church in the Ukraine for three weeks. She's a wonderful woman, a great influence, and a tenured member of the "blessed company."
Thanks to everyone who wished me well! Wilson, it's good to see you're hanging around still! I have even more exciting news....get ready for it....

On my way to blog this evening, I got a call. A theater is doing "Marry me a little" by Stephen Sondheim and needs an understudy. Now. Like, I have to learn a whole show by him in a few days!!!!!!! That might totally freak people out, but me, it's so exciting. The director is going to call me this evening and see if we can work out the schedules!!!!! SONDHEIM SHOW!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Hmm...I was expecting a bigger response about my audition being a success...Is everyone alright out there? No one's died or anything?

Friday, June 18, 2004

Ahh, back to the grind. Now I just have to wait for answers from those folks who were interested in my audition. One was Lambs Players, a Christian theater in San Diego. They aren't currently hiring, but wanted to find new talent for upcoming seasons. The second callback was for A and D theater in Houston. They are offering an internship position for the next twelve months. They have five mainstage productions (including Anne of Green Gables, the musical, and Shadowlands, the story of C.S. Lewis) and five children's theater productions. Concievably I could do ten shows in the next year. Sounds good to me. The pay is just enough to live on, if I share an apartment with other interns. The third was for a touring company through Wycliff translating services. They do a traveling dinner theater and give plays based on bible-translating missionaries. In the fall they will be doing a southwestern tour, based in Portland. All expenses are paid, and would make a very small per-diem. And lastly, a theater in Pennslyvania is looking for an ensemble musical cast for the spring. So those are my options, assuming that any of the three make me a job offer. It's nice to have options!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hail the conquering Hero!

I had a mass audition yesterday at the CITA conference. We had a meet and grett for an hour where the various theaters told us what they were looking for. Then we had our audition. I sang one song and did my monologue. Then they turned us right around and posted callbacks. I had four! So, the cities interested in me were Pennslyvania, Houston, San Diego, and one touring company of the Southwest. I was very glad. I thought I woudln't even get one. The opportunity to chat with other Christian performers was great, and the heads of the theaters were very kind at the callback interviews. The first part was pretty much like a normal audition -- their heads were buried in my audition packet. But there's no way to avoid that.

Drea met me down there. We got lost on the way back up, and our trip home took us until 3 am. I'm very tired, but so happy!

Monday, June 14, 2004

And Cai brought in two lizards today. Two days ago I saw one on the floor and figured I'd get around to it later. I needed a cup of coffee first. I came back and it was gone. That night I climbed into bed and heard Cai batting something around the bathroom. I got up to take the poor thing away from him, but IT was only a barette. I climbed back into bed, looked down, and there was the lizard: on the leg of my pajamas. I shrieked. I collected myself and took it outside, trying to act normal because Cai was eyeing me with interest. I've had a lot of things in my apartment, but never on me. As my mother would say, it gave me the heebie jeebies.
Oh boy, did I get a lot done today. I was awoken at 8:30 with Wendy in my apartment to steal cat food for her daughter's dog. She had left town without buying dog food. Teenagers. *grin*

I took out money, bought hair dye and hairspray, filled my car with gas for the trip to LA, washed my car, picked up the mail, bought more invitations, went to Drea's, made copies of the application, put together heashot packets, made two accompaniment tapes with Bill, went home, dyed my hair, practiced my monologue. Now I'm going to play cashflow to get my mind off my looming audition for C.I.T.A.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I had the worst day at work. Yesterday I got next week's schedule. I have three night shifts and three day shifts, six total. I had nine shifts this week. They gave one girl five of the shifts I usually work. And they've hired two new cocktail waitresses. I'm so discouraged. I've tried to be available. I'm cross trained in three departments. I should be working more than I am. The shifts I have bartending are mostly the slowest days. Today they told me I was to train the girl that's taking over the waggin tongue next week. We were busy. She is very nice, but very flaky. She doesn't see what needs to be done, and spent the day telling me how she thought drinks should be made. Who was training who? (whom? I'm so upset I can't remember grammar) So I'm trying to do my job, train her through hers, and it was a very hectic day. I'm stressed. I feel like management today backed me into a corner. I don't know what I'll do if this keeps up. I need to make enough money this summer for my next move. And we won't even get started on the guests. I can't work for them much longer. I brought my Corinthians 13 sign today and posted it by the soda gun. Charity lasted about thirty minutes into the shift. After that I was in fight or flight mode. Which is funny, because I do very well under pressure normally. But today it was all I could do not to give the idiot look to the woman who asked "is this where we inquire about popcorn, or next door." I held myself down to, "The popcorn machine is right there, let me finish this drink and I'll get you some." What I would have liked to have said was, "Do you SEE a popcorn machine? Right. I guess this is the place." I'mm being very rude and unkind. Sorry. Just needed the vent....Off to bludgeon myself with a blunt object.
Andrea and I had a Cashflow Marathon last night. It's a game by the guy who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I won three, she two -- which brings our total to an even 3-3. She won the game we played a few nights ago. The game is kind of like monopoly. More true to life. You can make investments in real estate and the stock market. You hit "unexpected expenses," downsize, and have children. You also start the game with credit card, retail, and auto loans, student loans and a mortgage. It's great. The strategy seems to be to pay off the loans to lower your cost of living, and increase your passive income (like having rental property that pays the real estate mortgage leaving you with money per month leftover). When your passive income is greater than your expenses, you're out of the Rat Race.
I had a letter from Adventures In Odyssey yesterday. I'd sent in my resumee asking how I might be considered. I'm to make a voiceover demo, and send it in. I think I'm going to have to research that option. Voiceovers....

Friday, June 11, 2004

Alright, day two in a row! I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday. Today I have to make an accompaniment recording for my audition on Wednesday, print out ten headshots/resumees/applications. And my grandma is moving one of her keyboards down on Sunday so I can stop being a lazy bum and practice like I'm supposed to. Now if only I can get over my inhibition of practicing in front of people...which in effect is what I'll be doing. Walls are thin here. And we live very close together.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Reagan's death, while nationally huge, is more so here. His ranch is just over the hill from the Alisal. The Reagan center had a memorial service in Santa Barbara yesterday, and his burial is on Monday, I think. The Parkers will be heading down. Fess apparently knew him very well from their mutual Hollywood days, and his daughter was an intern. On a personal note, he was the first president I remember.
Its a C.S. Lewis weekend. I read That Hideous Strength again, Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, and parts of Mere Christianity. My fix for the month...
Ahhhhh! Two days off! I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, but I have plenty of time to do it!

Wendy and I are down to the last installment of Pride and Prejudice. We've been watching it a movie a night --except last night. We couldn't very well leave the Darcy thread hanging.

And we're halfway through L. M. Montgomery's the Blue Castle. If anyone liked the Anne of Green Gables Series, this is better! Well, that's sacriligious, but it's wonderful. Valancy has less spunk, but more wit than Anne.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sorry about the long absence. I've been working double shifts all weekend. Luckily, or by the grace of God, I have the next two days off. I need to do a lot of catching up!

I took Cai to the vet this morning. After the last vet visit, his face swelled up again. So off to a different vet I went, and he cleaned it out, gave him some anti-inflammatory shots, a booster, and another prescription. That brings my vet bill total to over $200 in the last month. I know, dad, it only costs $20 to put them down. Thanks to my new, improved, financially confident self, I had the money, and it hasn't put a really serious strain on things. Hurray!

We had a bruhaha a couple of days ago. It was the night of the employee barbeque. Several of us had to work that night, the guests must be served. So one of our managers told us to head over half an hour before the dining room opened to get food (since they weren't serving employee meals that night). Another manager, who wasn't even on duty, saw us in line and reamed us out in front of the entire Alisal staff for being there when there were people coming. The kitchen staff was allowed to take food back. Not the servers. So, feelings are running high around here. It was humiliating in any case.

On the plus side, one particular family is back that I loved the last time. They work very closely with Focus on the Family, and the wife headed up several national day of prayers. Their son is 11, but you'd never know it. He kept me company in the waggin tongue yesterday for hours. We talked about the Purpose driven life (which he thinks is good for a certain demographic, but overkill for people who are already in church for the right reasons), LaHaye's Left Behind Series (which he says you can skip the middle entirely, and just read the last one), and Adventures in Odyssey...that one we quoted back and forth for half an hour or so. I really like them! Everything they touch is surrounded by Joy, and they pray for all of us as they watch us work. If you have any prayer request they'll pray right there, at the table, in front of everyone.

So, this guy comes into the bar, carrying the 5th Harry Potter. I was talking with him about it. He is an avid reader. I asked him how he liked the book, and he was obviously trying not to let himself get into too deep of waters. Or too big of words, apparently, because when I told him I like her "narrative style" he almost dropped his book. I forget, sometimes, that I'm presumed to be dumb. Our conversation went swimmingly after that!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I went last night to the late night show of Harry Potter. I read the series again in anticipation. We waited half an hour outside for the theater to reopen. Kids were dressed in Hogwarts uniforms. Excitement was high. The people in line compared favorite scenes, betting which would make the cut. Finally we walked in, found our seats, and cheered for the opening credits. There wasn't much cheering after that.

A different director, of course, makes a different movie. But the audience was anxious to be pleased. We laughed heartily at the first few slapstick jokes. There wasn't much laughter afterwards. For two and a half hours, the audience sat in stunned, horrified silence. We had no inkling that the song "Something wicked this way comes" could be referring to the film. There was audible grumbling when the director butchered scenes, and obviviated necessary plot points. At one point, someone said "what the h*ll?" and everyone agreed. We were relieved when the credits came and we could slip out in shock. Here, in far too many words, are what was wrong with Harry.

The Cinematography Every director has his own signature trademarks. This one seemed to be the inability to hold the camera still. In the entire movie, only two or three shots were holding. The rest was a constant pan or zoom. He'd zoom out just to zoom back in. The audience (mainly me) was getting seasick. It was distracting...but that was the easiest thing to get used to.

Changing Characters We all knew Dumbledore died, so he had to be replaced. No problem. But then Cornelius Fudge was changed from Bilbo Baggins, to All Creatures Great and Small. Why? One of Malfoy's sidekicks seemed to be missing, also.

Hair This was the show of bad hairdressing. Malfoy's hair was no longer slicked back, instead in a cool, teenpopicon look. The Weasley's as a whole were mutilated. Dumbledore's hair was shorter, and his beard was in a knot. Hermione had a haircut a book early. So much for next movie's major transformation in the Ball.

Wardrobe No Hogwarts robes in this movie. Hermione was in lowrise jeans, tight sweatshirts, and teeniebopper belts. Ron was very Goodwill. Harry, for no reason in particular, had clothes that fit him at the Dursleys. One could argue that they wore street clothes at Hogsmead. But since it's the only non-muggle settlement in Britain, I can't see why they wouldn't wear robes, even out of uniform. All the other wizards do.

No Quiddich One game is played, the storm one. Harry flies up into the clouds, gets attacked by dementers. It wasn't enough for him to fall 50 feet, he falls 500. And Dumbledore saves him.

Flying Why can't they just glide? And to top it off, you never hear Harry's mom screaming except as a bizarre special effect. You don't hear his dad at all. No flashbacks. Nothing. And they make sucking effect every time they come around. I was under the impression that they only suck when there's a kiss being administered. And no one explains that Dementers feed on human happiness. They tried, feebly, to show it once...but with no explaination later to back it up.

Major Plot Changes and Omissions These I could go on about forever. I'll tabulate.
1. Harry sees Peter Pettigrew on the marauders map, inside Hogwarts and follows him.
2. Buckbeak's assasination is nearly ommitted, and akwardly introduced in a needlessly overdramatic scene involving Hagrid and a lake.
3.Hermione's time changing is shown as apparating and disaparating. Even changing time she'd still have to walk into classes. And it is almost never mentioned, except for a few really obvious comments by Ron. Literally; "Where'd she come from? She wasn't there a minute ago? Was she?" Badly done, Emma, badly done.
4. Only Harry goes into the bar, overhearing the teachers' conversation about Sirius Black as the secret keeper.
5. Snape doesn't wear the invisibility cloak when he charges to the rescue. Only Harry hits him with the Expeliarmus spell. He is not levitated out of the whomping willow. He throws himself between Harry and the Wherewolf.
6. Major unnecisary changes of venue. If anyone wants to talk to anyone, they can't do it in Hogwarts, they have to go to a large bridge, or the lake, or the forest, or, or, or... Hagrid's hut is suddently down a long hill. So is the whomping willow. We spend a good portion of the movie watching the characters walk to and from places, mainly (it seemed) to show a stunning locale.
7. Harry's "I'm the king of the World" moment on top of Buckbeak.

Bad Directing No action is ever shown. Every scene that we would have liked to see is skipped, instead we watched the characters talk (badly) about what we haven't seen. Example: We don't see Scabbars and the Cat go at it. We never see the cat chase him. We don't see that Scabbers in getting thin an pale (and scabbers is remarkably four times the size of the rat in the first and second movie). All we hear is Hermione and Ron squabling over the presumed animal friction. Crookshanks is not present at the whomping willow. He is never nose to nose with the Grim. Crookshanks doesn't save Sirius from Harry.

Changed Lines When will directors ever learn that they can't write lines. Many memorable lines are saved from the book. Many interpolations are mismanaged. Harry, after the scene with the dementers and the patronus, tells Hermione, "I understand now. It wasn't my dad. It was me. I saved us. I suddenly knew that I could, since I had already done it." Duh. We'd just seen it. Some other famously bad lines. Hermione to Harry after the werewolf attack: "That was so scary!" Harry to Lupin, who asks him to think of different memory: "I have one, at least I think I do. It's complicated....I pictured my mom and dad. We weren't doing anything in particular. Just talking. I don't even know if that's a real memory. It's the best I have. (audible groans from the audience)" Let's think about it. Your parents died when you were one year old. I don't think you'd had any memorable chats with them before they snuffed it. There's more.

Oh, the angst... In general, it was too dark. Anything charmingly Hogwartian was conspicuously lacking. Most of the movie was Harry overacting, crying, raging, pitying himself, and Ron and Hermione badly overreacting. Ron got a particularly short stick...his role was mercilously butchered.

The Final Montage Harry, receiving a brand new Firebolt at the END of the movie, runs outside, jumps on his broom, flies towards the camera, and the shot freezes with him in an exultant grimace, with the logo to the side.

Honorable Mentions Themes from the score only made three appearances. There was schmaltzy music when there shouldn't have been, and none to cover overdramatic scenes. McGonagal was in two scenes, maybe three. The subtext of the assumed Ron/Hermione love interest was played WAY on top.

There's too much to mention. Go see it if you really have to, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you like the books, and liked the first two movies, skip it. The only way they could make the next one worse than this would be to have George Lucas Direct it.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Last night I gave an hour concert in the bar. The first family I ever sang for here was back again, and slipped a twenty in my apron when they asked if I would sing again. So last night I did. Bill and I covered all our old favorites, and a few new ones we're trying to work up for thursday nights. I made $100 off it too. Hurrah! It's going straight into my career fund!
Shrek 2

I went to see it today at 2:15. I tried to get there early enough to avoid the kiddie influx. I liked it. I thought that castle enxlaught scene was dragging, but it was making fun (I think) of ghostbusters, which I've never seen. Pus in boots with the eyes!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Lost arms and lost arms in the sand lying

The living carrying arms or their arms or their legs

For the rest of the poem, head over the Elfin Ethicist.

Yesterday was my blog's 2nd Birthday. Rousing chorus anyone?
Ohhhhhhhh we've got trouble!

We cocktail waitresses are in deep trouble. Apparently management doesn't want to hear us complain about the girl who doesn't do her job anymore. If they'd have fired her the last time they caught her with four to-go-boxes of food we wouldn't be upset. But firing people is unreasonably hard here. The alisal would rather keep on a deadbeat employee than risk a lawsuit. Their lawyer settles every time. We're going to have a meeting to discuss our bad attitudes. I don't think I have a bad attitude. I'm willing to work hard, I'm just not willing to work for two every shift. They know its happening. This is not a case of the squeaky wheel and the grease. The squeaky wheel got told to shove it.

A few more months...that's all I have to last...

Compassion Sponsers just got word that Haiti is flooding badly and two children in the Compassion program have died. They will be informing those sponsers "shortly." My child lives in Haiti...please pray that she's alright. I got a letter from her today, but it was from around Easter.