Friday, June 10, 2005

Old Shadows


Rachel: "$200 for glasses that won't stay on my face."

Angie: "But very stylish glasses that won't stay on your face."

Austen: "I've been calling him 'pinky' all day."

Angie: "Depending on how far east you go, there can be four r's in that word."

Aaron: "You can't give someone in a thong a wedgie. The definition of thong is wedgie."

Austen: "It's pretty ironic that we have to hurry through our pushups to put our makeup on."

Doming: "I wish the mutation had continued."

Jonathan: "Everyone look at how good I look."

Aaron: "It's ginormicus!"

Jonathan: "It's so big we had to make up a new word."

Tasha: "You didn't squash that up did you?"

Jessica: "No!...I made a boat out of it."

Jonathan: "I definately didn't listen to that last part. Too many words."

Aaron: "Let's go! Let's go!"....(running back) "We need bungies! We need bungies!"

Bill Cosby

I saw Bill Cosby

Live. Outdoors. At the Casino.

And he was really funny. I could hear Dad turning pink he was laughing so hard. At one point he started the sentence, "she brought you into the world,"
and several people around us in the pause said, "and she'll take you out." He stopped his routine and said, "let me finish!"

And for his last sketch. He did. The one about the dentist.

The only problem with doing a sketch that everyone knows so well, is that when you mess up, the whole audience can say it for you.

It was great!