Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm here, finally

Hey, everyone. No more boring posts! No more writing about how much I'm working, or how annoying the wedding is. A big sigh of relief, I'm sure

I arrived last night, and everyone but two cast members showed up yesterday. So far, no major conflicts. I, of course, am pretty much observing at this point, but I've talked to everyone one-on-one at least once. One minor miracle, I've been here 24 hours and I know everybody's name. That never happens.

So far, it feels like summer camp. We have a converted duplex that has the central wall knocked out. The left half is the boy's side, the right half for the girls. Painted blue and pink, respectively. So far we've cooked, been to church, and cooked again. Our last two members show up tonight. Upstairs we have two bunks, and four beds. Our stuff is still contained, for now. The bathroom situation is the only downside. The girls bathroom has two toilets, no doors, and the one shower between them. A double sink lines the opposite wall, but one doesn't work. The girl to guy ratio here is about 3:1, so figuring out who showers when, and how to pee without the whole cast walking in (no lock on the bathroom door, either) is the biggest challenge. Yesterday and today were low key, no meetings or rehearsals. That starts tomorrow with devotions at 8:30am, and rehearsals and orientation all day. I haven't made it to Powells yet, but I need to soon. I've read both my books.

We went to a non-denominational church today. A very long sermon, but no offering plate was passed. A note in the bulletin told you where to put your offering if you wanted to give one. I love that.

Tonight, we're watching movies and chilling out while our leaders pick up the last two. We have one very enthusiastic Canadian here who talks about "American Culture" all the time, and can't wait to go to McDonald's. It's very strange hearing your country mentioned as "foreign." I know it is, but in Washington, Canada sort of bleeds over, and vise-versa. Especially in the Puget sound. She loves my accent. Whatever that is. She's already said "hoose" and "aboot" and "eh," so I'm happy. Roughly half the cast is Canadian, including our director, but they're less hyperactive about the states. So that's the news, so far.