Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Au Francais

Au Francais

For some unkown reason, my adobe acrobat reader is all in french.

Sorry I'm so boring and all business

Sorry I'm so Boring and all Business

Whenever I get into a new place I start to blog, and then think: Who really wants to hear about my new decor, and my problems acclimating my cats, and what my new job is, and all of that. But then I realize this ranting sounds even whinier, so I'm just going to go ahead.

So here's everything up to date:

Living the Dry Life
Being on contract isn't bad. Austen has been giving me a hard time by phone and text message, but I haven't found it hard to not drink. I really don't drink that often. I don't. Or, at this point, didn't. Since I can't have any at all. Not that I'm secreting a bottle of Gran Marnier in my boudoir. I don't have a boudoir. We do have an empty bottle on display downstairs. I think we're rationalizing it as vintage somehow. On a dry campus it seems funny. Almost as funny as the bottles of margerita mix that were donated to the food pantry at the mission. What on earth are we doing to do with that. Turn it into punch, I say. No sense wasting it. But I hear it's being poured out on principal.

Moving In
I'm in. And unpacked. And working on getting everything pretty. I'm having two difficulties. One: There are no windows in my room. So I don't wake up to anything. Pitch black. Like sleeping in a tomb. And two: I wear earplugs so I don't have to hear my two nocturnal monsters roaming around at night. So somehow, even though I had no trouble waking up to my alarm with my earplugs in at mocks, I haven't woken up to it any day this week. Will become a problem tomorrow when I must get up at 6:00 for the 7:30 manditory prayer breakfast.

The Cats
Are adapting. Cai has stopped complaining. We've reached a compromise. When I'm in my ebay room working they can come and wander around in the big warehouse room. That has seemed to shut him up. At some point they can roam free in the evenings, but I haven't figured out how to find them when I want to go to bed. I don't want them tripping alarms and so forth.

The Job
I love it! I'm just in the right level of happiness. I'm authoritative enough that I can delegate some of the low stress jobs to the volunteers and part time employees (like sorting clothes and pricing things) but low enough that the buck doesn't stop with me. I have a lot of variety: sometimes I work the register, for the rest I organize, set up new displays, and once we get the craft room set up (partly me again) I can start taking the pieces of things and turning them into stuff to sell.

I'm attending my old church for the time being. I know people, I know where I can plug in if I need more to do. And I'm not in the know enough to be bothered by politics.

At this point that's mainly decorating my apartment and getting the ebay store up and running. I do have a bible study on tuesdays, and the mission womens lunch on tuesdays. And I see my family from time to time when they volunteer at the mission or I run home to steal pepsi.

The Family
It's great to be home. I love being near enough to see them from time to time. Nearer than once a year post-holidays. And when I'm broke I can go home for meals...

It's light out until almost 10. When I'm not in my cell I love wandering out and seeing sun all evening. The weather is hot and getting hotter, but it cools off at night. I love this valley. It's beautiful. And the train runs through our front yard such as it is. The train yard is my front door.