Friday, December 21, 2007

Money Money Money

money money money. Money Money Money. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Everyone sing along!

Money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around. Money makes the world go around, it makes it go ROOOO-OUND!

Tonight I waited tables for the first time since October 15th. It has been a great break, a wonderful chance to travel, visit, audition and perform. Being broke has sucked. Eating mashed potatoes from a box for dinner because it's all you have left in the house, kind of sucks. Living off of Starbucks Gift Cards for many of your weekend meals has been very convenient as I'm wandering around downtown with things to do before I can go back to the always graciously food-providing Logsdons.

Today, though, has been lovely. Just when I was wondering how much longer I could coax my hair away from frizzy and straight up, since I'd run out of both conditioner and mousse, a Christmas card came from my Grandmother, who decided to send money instead of a gift. Hurrah! Conditioner! Shaving Cream! And one can of cat food as an early Christmas present for Cai. Then, I went to work on my last bit of gas. Upon emerging from the pre-Christmas push, and tipping out my busser, I found I had enough for a tank of gas, some quarters for the bus tomorrow, the mousse I forgot to buy earlier, and a little cash to pad my pocket until we get paid on Sunday. Isn't life grand???

Beautiful, glorious, heavenly, marvelous,
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
Wonderful, wonderful day!