Thursday, August 21, 2003

Oh where, oh where did all of my faithful followers go? (all three of you!). Is it because the comments don't work? Or is that just at other peoples' sites? I'm BACK!
I'm alone at work! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can check my email to my heart's content. Unless my boss walks in and catches which case, I can go back to checking my email at the library.
Bloody Bank.

I deposited $600, some in cash, some in the form of a check, into the ATM. Someone decided that my handwriting didn't look like myself and sent the check to me in the mail. In the meantime, the money had shown up in the account, and I promptly opened another acount and transferred the total into said account. So now I'm overdrawn in my savings. with a fee to boot. So i go to the bank, freshly mailed check in hand, and tell them to deposit the check and take off the overdraft charge. I thought it was all taken care of. Suprise Suprise. The teller deposited the money to my CHECKING account, instead of into my overdrawn savings. So, the quandry is this. Just suck it up and absorb the overdraft fee, or waste another 15 minutes worth of gas to go back to the bank and get her to fix it.