Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Did you ever wonder where all the half burned candles go? That's right. To us. And tonight I'm taking a bunch of half burned white and yellow candles and half a bottle of vanilla scent and making new candles with empty candle-company jars.

The first one is a bit yellow, but at least I remembered to put scent in it.

My favorite days are when people send us half burned scented candles. I take those upstairs and use them up. Right now I have French Vanilla, Sugar Cookie, and Cinnamon Vanilla burning. When those are empty. I'll melt some more down and refill them. I LOVE this place!

Pounding pt. III

A little more Pounding

I have a lead again. So another resume has been printed and rearranged. Now I'm off to try to land a few more hours a week. Thursday I have the Wycliffe meeting, and the interim music leader has asked me to join the worship team. I don't want to very badly, but they need people. I warned him I'm looking for a second job, so I don't know how much time I'll have, but I'll do it for the summer.