Saturday, February 11, 2006

Working on Saturday

Working on Saturday. Again

But just for a couple of hours. Our Saturday Manager is gone, and I'm covering for her until our regular volunteer gets here to run the register. Then Nancy is going to be on call. Which means, I'll be second on call if they can't get ahold of her.

Yesterday after work I ran to Inklings to grab book nine of the Wheels of Time series. I AM going to finish. As long as I was on that side of the world, I dropped in at Kris and Sean's to say hi, and ended up staying for pizza. Canadian Bacon and Olive - but I took off the mushrooms. Then I came home, read the 86 page prologue, and took a nap until 10:30. At which point Denise came in and we had an unplanned chick flick marathon. Under The Tuscan Sun came in at the store, so we watched it (bad news for me, now I have itchy feet again. I get that about the new Sabrina, too). Then Must Love Dogs. Another Diane Lane movie. Not as good as Tuscan Sun, but it wasn't a totally wasted two hours either. And Denise had also never seen Love, Actually. Which is my favorite Romantic Comedy. So at about 4:30 am, a bowl of popcorn, several glasses of iced tea, some Ben and Jerry's Half Baked, and Macaroni and Cheese (we got hungry for real food) later, we turned in for the night, and I decided to cut my hair. At 5am.

It's actually really cute. Since being poverty stricken, I've gotten fairly resourceful about the health and beauty stuff I took for granted when I made all the money in the world in California. I spent $180 to get my hair colored, highlighted and dyed more than once. Also pedicures were my favorite vice. Now I can cut my own hair. I kept most of the length on the bottom layer -- since I'm still trying to get the 10" I need for Locks of Love. But I did another row of layers an inch an a half shorter than the rest, and then cut some shorter strands to frame my face. The shortest ones are chin length. And I'm pretty proud of how well it turned out, if I do say so myself. The layers around my face need some futzing, but they'll get there.

And now I'm at work. For 20 more minutes, God willing, assuming Connie shows up on time. And then I can go back to bed. Because I'm standing here in my pajamas and slippers. Luckily for me, the fashion dieties have declared velour sweatsuits as appropriate daily wear. And my hair is still fixed.

Five Things


The way it works. Knock the top name off the list below. Add yours to the bottom. I don't know exactly why you do this, but okay....

Topmost Apple
Rebel Without a Pew
Clever Title Here

Tag five people for this meme...even if they'll never do it?
Drea (Endersname)
Denise (Coloratura81)
MaeGum (pickingatmybrain)
Jess (Babblings)
Angie (You never told me what your blog is, but I know you've got one.)

And anyone else who hasn't been tagged, but wants to play. I'm doing this for you Teri...

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 15. I would have been a Sophomore, so I was really into the band thing. Mr. Kunze's Daughter and all that. There wasn't a musical that year. I did Babes in Toyland later that year, but I don't recall if I did another Warehouse Theater show. I guess I would have been gearing up for Drum Major auditions. And getting set for running start in the fall.

What were you doing a year ago?
I was on my second tour with Wycliffe Dinner Theater. We would have just left rehearsals and were probably doing a show in Northern California, somewhere around Redding.

5 snacks you enjoy
chocolate chip cookies (fresh, homemade) or just the dough
ritz crackers and peanut butter
tuna fish, miracle whip, and saltines
devilled eggs
wheat thins with cream cheese, seafood sauce, and baby shrimp (Can you tell the type of cracker is a very important part of the decision making process. Tuna fish and ritz, for example, don't work together)

5 Songs to which you know all the word
The Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
Books of the Old Testament/New Testament (You should hear my kids blast through them. I keep breaking my nail trying to play my guitar that fast)
There's a Hole in the Bucket
12 Days of Christmas (our Christmas program song. Sang it more than anyone anywhere this year teaching K-4)

5 things I'd do if I were a millionare
Pay off debts (Amen, Teri)
Buy a house for a commune for short term ministry people
Travel everywhere
Sponsor more kids
Sponsor a missionary

5 bad habits
Not cleaning dishes as I go
Playing with my hair (Especially now that it's long again. I'm no unused to having it to play with that I toy with it constantly)
Ditto on the kitty litter
Not brushing my teeth or washing my face before bed when I'm tired
Eating three bites of any meal, and then running off too busy to finish.

5 things you enjoy doing
Picnics with a book on a warm sunny day

5 things you would not wear again
tapered, high rise jeans
polyester and other scary synthetics
Non-hoodie sweatshirts
scrunch socks
Huge Glasses

5 favorite toys
12 column ledger. This is a 3 year affair now.
My heater disguised as a fireplace. I put my feet on it and read in a comfy chair.
Napster. I never burn anything, but I love having the wealth of songs on my ebay computer.
A fresh box of crayons. Is there anything better? Especially if there are new colors.