Saturday, May 15, 2004

I hate not having internet. I'm so sorry for all my friends whose blogs I'm neglecting to see very often. There were rumors abounding that the Alisal was connecting to DSL, and they are, but they aren't making the service available to the employee housing -- even though we offered to pay for it. Our cable is tapped into the main line and therefore free. So, I'm bummed. But I have more time to go to the library, so hurray!
Reading "Shabby Chic" by Rachel Ashworth...I think that's her name. I'm in the direct center of another decorating urge. I recovered a wingback chair and an ottoman last night with three white sheets and two ruffled white curtains. It looks very chic. I'm quite happy with it...but I think I need to get another wingback chair. The two straightbacked ones that form my "living room" look dwarfed next to my huge dresser. Besides, this month we're saying in Country Decorating that using oversized furniture makes a room look bigger, not smaller. I also have too many focal points in that corner. Must consolidate. Back to the recovering!