Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yoga, 10,000 IUDs of Vitamin D and a rather expensive sunlamp. That's how to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder, I'm finding. It took my third winter in Seattle to figure it out, but now we know! Finally I can walk outside on a cloudy day and NOT feel the grey seeping into my pores!

Still retailing. In rehearsals for Emperor's New Clothes. Yesterday we learned a cha-cha. It's my favorite song in the show, and my favorite dance as well. I wish I was playing the swindler more than once, but that's the nature of understudying. I get to go on as the Empress half a dozen times, so I actually sat with the director and got a few character notes yesterday. The dancing plus last night's yoga class, every muscle in my body is a teeny bit satisfactorily sore today. Yay exercise!

Alan and I are going home this weekend for my Dad's birthday. And Christmas, since Mom and Dad didn't come to Seattle, and I worked the day before and after. I have a lovely pair of Manolos with my name on them. My mother found them at a second hand store and called me to see if I wanted them. IF I WANTED THEM???? Baby's first brand-name shoe!

I'm off to drink some coffee. Also vital to fighting S.A.D. Being an upper and all that!