Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still sick. There should be a limit on how long you're allowed to sniffle.

Today was my early nannying day, so I crawled out of bed at 4am, came home at 9, and went back to sleep until one, stuffed full of a new cold meducine.

Suddenly I'm innundated with work possibilities, and faced with the uncertainty of picking one, as one tends to negate another, but none are certain. A new costuming gig puts me out of the running for a week long show that pays three times as much, but they're calling one person more before they call me in for it. A christmas show that I recently was offered a role in (Children's Theater) overlaps the first week of rehearsals with the tech week of a show I'd really like to do, but I'm burning bridges by putting off a definate answer until after the audition - but then, if I get the well paying week long gig, I'll be in rehearsal during that audition anyway and it won't matter. Ahhh!

It's nice to be potentially busy - but also hectic trying to make the best choices about what to do and when.

My roommates are all back now, and we're setting up house again. Our utensils somehow walked off during the summer, and several organizer-y things. Don't know where they went, but with everyone moving in and out we're hoping it was the confusion, not theft.