Monday, July 27, 2009

I've survived hell week, and have a day off. Hooray!

We did three solid shows opening weekend. I know every cast member had a moment they didn't like, and I was late for an entrance, but overall three very good shows at the end of our 10 show hell week. Everyone kept their voices, and now we have a chance to rest up for the next weekend. Curly and I are coming early for an al italiano blocking and line run.

The 3pm shows out doors are hot and humid. The weather is not meant to improve for next week. Under my costume I wear knee high stockings, black ankle boots, bloomers, chemise, corset, corset cover, and petticoat. In 80 degree heat and high humidity, it's a very heavy combination. (Besides the fact that the costumer in me appreciates the detail, my dresses look better with underpinnings - and my corsetted waist looks so tiny when my skirts are swirling like they're supposed to) The chorus starts shedding petticoats as it gets hotter. Between shows on Saturday, Curly and I shed our layers, threw on swimsuits, and hurled ourselves in the 38 degree river. I only went up to my waist last time. Next time I'm getting in up to my neck.

I've been asked my a director who saw me do the French reading two weeks ago to do her reading tonight. I'm going over the script today. I wasn't able to make their one rehearsal Thursday, so my introduction to her style will be in the half hour before we read at ArtsWest for SPS. (The same group and place as the last one)

I'm off to forage for coffee.