Monday, October 27, 2003

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining, the air Oh yes. The fabulous California Fires which are raging out of control two or three hours south of me, have decided that it isn't enough to close down the freeway from San Bernadino to San Diego, it has to send smoke and ash several hundred miles north. (Although, as a true Washingtonian, this fire has nothing on Mt. St. Helens...take that forest fires.) My sister has begun the middle stages of a rather nasty ahsmatic attack (last year during the fires, she was almost hospitalised....). Everyone around here has red eyes and a runny nose at least, even me -- and I didn't even have allergy problems in Waco.

In other rather girly news, in sort of a sad way, I've had to start wearing night toning moisturiser. Yay to too little sleep and too much work. I've also started an anti stress vitamin regamin...yay also to too little sleep and too much work. Yay, also to Oil of Olay for making anti stress women's vitamins. They smell terrible, but hopefully they'll work. OH! And on a totally girly note (guys turn away, I'm warning you)...Did you know you can go to the sale section of the Victoria Secret website, and buy their discontinued merchandise for 70% off? They have body by victoria underwear for 2.99 apiece.....screw fighting the store during the sale, I'm going online from now on....

Ok guys, you can look again. My cats are fighting again. Last night I locked them both in the bathroom, figuring that in the morning they'd either be friends, or one of them would be dead. I didn't care. Does anyone have a surefire way to keep them on good terms?

I'm at work again, but I don't have to work at night -- is that nice or what? I'm off at two and have my whole evening to myself. Lucky me! Except that I'm sewing a Halloween costume for a friend tonight. Oh yes. Thrilling, huh? It should be cute. I haven't made a costume in an age and a aeon.....ok, 6 months since the last opera scenes costuming I did.