Sunday, March 27, 2005

Old Shadows

Old Shadows

Chris: "The Ichaw Bird is massaging Chalingguy."

Aaron: "It's frightening, yet strangely comfortable."

Signpost: "Don't be a crab. Eat one."

Austen: "I like tanning. I like being brown. It gets me closer to black. Which helps when I rap."

Rachel: "I don't think this is a one-way street."

Julie: "I think you may be correct."

Rachel: "Mermaid Sushi. Does that sound sick to you?"

Aaron: "Is that like 'kind of' cannibalism?"

Rachel: "Depends. Top half or bottom."

Sam Myers (The coolest homestay ever. Builds windmills): "I don't like soy sauce. They's grasshoppers in Oklahoma. They's spit look like soy sauce."

Vicky: "There aren't enough words in the alphabet."

Vicky: "I have trust issues with people. I don't trust them."

Aaron: "Adam, they need your foo-foos."

Adam: "Half castle. Half mansion. It's a cansion."

Torrie: "I'm sorry I'm such a prayer monopolizer. I just love talking to you Jesus."

Vicky: "I turned pinker than a red thing."

Vicky: "My family is the funniest one I've ever had."

Rachel: "Vicky, you need to stop talking. You're monopolizing the quote book."