Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year End Report

Year End Report

For all you Mary Hunt-ers out there, here's my year end debt payoff.

In 2004 I made approx $27,000.00. I paid off $3,213.89 in loans and $783.74 in credit card debt, totalling $3,997.63.

In 2005 I made approx $15,000.00. I paid off $4,704.02 in loans and $1646.53 in credit card debt (Most of which was moving my stuff from Waco. My credit card still exists happily on ice, but I had to use it to buy gas for moving. Once I pay it off again it's going to sit happily out of the way indefinately). So this year I made almost half as much as the previous year and paid off $2,352.92 more in debts than the year before. I am thrilled about that.

My projections for 2006 are: Finish paying off my move by the 15th of January, I should have my car paid off by July or August at the latest ($2,700.00 to go on that). Then I can begin funneling money into the last of my student loans (Approx $10,000 to go of the original $25,000). Hopefully if I really gun it I can be completely debt free by January 2008. My RDRP has it lasting until mid-2009, but maybe, maybe, I can suck it up and get done early! That's where things stand this year. Let me know how you all are doing on yours.