Monday, October 18, 2004

Our last day


What a relief. I feel I've seen as much of this state as I wanted to, and more. We have done more driving than is typical (They keep mentioning the mythical standard that is the "normal tour." We have yet to see it). I think we've crossed the state three or four times. Tomorrow morning we leave for the Murietta/Tumecula area in Southern California. I'm so excited!

Time does seem to be standing still on tour. The weather down here is basically the same all year. It should be fall now. When we hit Dallas, OR in November, it's going to be quite a shock!

The Blue Castle

The other day I was co-ping for Tasha, so I began to read The Blue Castle aloud for her and Vicky. Yesterday we read another 120 pages aloud on the way from Sonoita to Phoenix. Last night Tasha rigged it so that Julie, Tasha and I could house together to finish the last four chapters before bed.

That is the second time I've read that book aloud. Last time with Wendy and Drea.

Next long drive we start Little Women -- which Tasha (contrary to everything this country holds dear) has never read.

Adventures with a Leech

Yesterday I came the closest to breaking character I ever have in this run.

Jo came onstage for the scene where she pulls a leech off her leg in the jungle. She looks puzzled, and doesn't lift the hem of her skirt to show the black blog of tape. Then I notice there is something on my shoe. At a convenient point in the scene, I look down and notice...its stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Of course from there on it's all over. Every time I took a step I'm reminded. Burt swears I was laughing so hard I shook the stage. I doubt it, but dang was that funny!