Friday, April 01, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away.

It's now officially April. It's been raining since the beginning of November. It rained on our Wedding. It rained on our honeymoon. It rains buckets every time I need to haul costumes to my car. Our rivers are all flooded from runoff from the mountains. I'm tired of rain. Even for Seattle, this is excessive.

On a plus side, I'm in the middle of a very busy period. I have 6 shows to open in 7 weeks. I've been diligent to stay on top of it, since I don't have time to get behind this time. Robin Hood opens first, then the Homeschool One-Acts, then the Homeschool Musical. Then the Teen Ensemble added MacBeth to the season. Two weeks after that one strikes, Double-cast Annie opens. In the meantime, Storybook is opening it's third show of the season, Sleepy Beauty.

Alan and I have started apartment hunting. We've seen two so far. Since we have the luxury of waiting until we find a place to move (instead of needing to move at the end of a lease), we're taking time to find a place that's either the right size or the right location. We may not find both in the same move, but at least we can upgrade a bit.

Alan's in hell week, opening a show at Renton Civic called Here on this Flight Path. It's a two-person show, and he's very nervous about his line load. I've been staying at the office as much as I can so that he can spend huge chunks of time uninterruped, memorizing lines. It opens next Friday.

Woman in Black has it's last 4 performances this week. Tonight I'll head back down to Federal Way for the first of them. It's been a very fun show - fun cast, great makeup, and it's been lovely to work at a new Theater. I've also managed to open a reciprocal lending door there, and borrowed some of their Panto costumes for our Princess show.

I'm off to a meeting now. Annie and Macbeth are calling.