Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Working so hard...

I sewed for about eight hours yesterday. I'm nearly done with my second dress, but as with the first one, I keep running into problem after problem. I bought a pattern for the second one - a modern one that looked vintage in the picture. In reality, not so much. Secondly, I had to cut down a dress to make the bodice, and so chose the smallest pattern size. I've forgotten (since it's been so long since I've made something from one complete pattern instead of reworking an existing garment) that sizes on patterns have no corrolation to anybody's real size, and I usually end up cutting out a 10-12 for myself. I cut out a 4. So this morning I took the finished dress to the girls I nanny to see what size a 4 is. (Did I also mention that the overlay for the ruched chiffon didn't fit the actual pattern piece, so I had to take it in a bit more) It fits neither the 11-year-old nor the 8-year-old. If I remember the measurements of the girls I bought dresses for my last film, it's going to fit about a 5-year-old. So now I have to shorten the bodice, and shorten the hem by about a foot. I can't take it out and rework it - because the chiffon shows holes like NONE other. I'm having trouble even pulling out the gathering stitches.

So I had a brainwave this morning about how to make it work. I think it will be really cute when finished. It's a bit of a mental shock to start out with a vintage prom dress, and wind up with a flower girl ensemble. That's today's project.

I made three tags yesterday for the three items I'm going to finish for the shop. I'm so behind now in my deadline it's laughable. The owner is fine with it - but I hate feeling behind. I have 7 more things to go after this, too, by the end of the month. Time to do some more ebaying to get funds for supplies.