Sunday, September 21, 2003

I'm here at work. I'm so excited. I have 20 and a half hours of work at Fess's this week -- before I've been getting 8. Next week I have 17. Then I have 20 some odd hours a week at the alisal. And I'm about to take on a third job. The faster I can pay off my student loans, the happier I'll be. Even if I have to nearly kill myself to do it. Who needs sleep anyway? My last paycheck didn't cover all of my bills. I had a lot of them this month. I'm not sure why. Oh that's right -- because my paycheck was almost $300 less than during the summer. Doesn't that suck???? Luckily I get paid again tomorrow for my second job. Enough money talk. It makes my skin itch.


Brain fade. Can't think of a new topic. Oh yes..Catherine Marshall. Beyond Our Selves. I'm only two chapters into it, and its already right up there as one of the best books I've ever read. I'm reading about the simplicity of faith, and the necessity of exerting will over emotion. (In other words, just because we don't FEEL like God is with us at a particular moment, deciding to believe that he is because he promised he would be). Also, the most eye opening part was when she dispelled the common Christian myth that to be a Christian you either have to be born in the church, or have a dramatic road-to-damascas conversion experience. She said that sometimes its a simple as making a decision, asking, and then going on with life not feeling changed, but being changed none-the-less. I've been wondering for years if I could really be a Christian when I grew up in the church with typical "ask-Jesus-into-my-heart-once-a-year-at-summer-camp-just-in-case-I-didn't-do-it-right-the-last-time" conversion, and haven't had a tangible "God Experience" since my senior year in high school. Very comforting. (Of course, spending two years running away from a calling may have had SOMETHING to do with that). So, yes, everyone must read this book, or another by her. She's written something like her fiction also. Christy is a wonderful book filled with down to earth wisdom in a form that's easy to swallow.

My cats are driving me crazy. I've had to shut them in all day for the past couple, since my sister was stuck in LA and couldn't keep an eye on them while I was at work. (Must make sure Cai isn't getting hit by cars in the parking lot, and Chloe isn't eating everyone's food in addition to her own -- she's on a diet). So at night, they want to play. Chloe's pretty much content to curl up next to me while I'm sleeping and pur -- last night she did a stint on my pillow. So fat she takes up the whole darn thing. Cai however, was up, he was down, he was climbing curtains, chasing toys, climbing the bed to snuggle with Andrea, promptly thrown down because she doesn't like him playing with her toes while she's sleeping...I finally got fed up and tore his collar off so at least I couldn't hear his stupid bell (and don't tell me to take it off, because otherwise it's imposssible to find him in the dark).

In other news, I'm still working on my darn quilt. Oh yes. I'm seeing hexagons in my sleep. But I'm almost halfway to having the entire quilt top assembled (attaching the flowers together with rows of green). Once I'm done with that, I can fold it up and put it away for a while, until I have money enough to buy six yards of backing. One must prioritise when one is paying off loans. Yes. Aren't I good. It's been a whole week and I still know exactly how much money is in my accounts. HAHAHAHA. I'm feeling very proud of myself. Ok. I think I've given you guys plenty of nonsense for one day. I'll write back more next time I work...or next time I'm bored...whichever comes first.