Friday, October 03, 2008

It's an odd thing living with a boy. Oh. Wait. My roommate's boyfriend moved into our empty room. Things are very even keel, and they're always cooking and offering me interesting healthy dishes (I mostly live on carbs, myself) to try.

But there's a plastic model of Russian Superman planting a flag on our perishables tray, next to my French cookbook and our Linen's N Things cake plate.

We have some sort of game-station thing in our living room.

There are very large shoes by the door.

There's also a lot of painting happening upstairs which is spreading down the stairs. Things look nice.

And, on an unrelated to boy but related to house projects, we've begun taping clear plastic to all the windows to save energy for the winter. It's not pretty, but we're covering them all with sheer curtains so we don't look QUITE as "under construction" as last winter.