Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Musical Review in Standard Paint

Musical Revue in Standard Paint

Paint Guy #1:Ok, guys, I'm out of here. long, farewell, auf weideresehen, goodbye!
Paint Guy #2: Adieu, Adieu. To yur and yur and yur...
Paint Guy #3: The time...has something and say goodbye...

I just witnessed it. Three guys in a paint store breaking into song. I wonder how many times their wives and girlfriends have forced them to sit through it.


Did you know Darth Vader has a blog?

Old Shadows

Old Shadows

Rachel: "Well, he doesn't look asian. All six-odd feet of him."

Tasha: "Actually, only four of them are odd."

Vanessa: "Well, 1, 3, and 5 really."

Rachel: "Oh bad bad bad bad word."

Aaron: "It would be different if it was really good chocolate."

Rachel: "Funny. She can't look at a guy without his shirt on, but she can say 'testicles' in public."

Vicky: "That's different. It's food!"

Vanessa: "If you would like to all of these a twenty foot trailer...I can help you."

Torrie: "That's the point of tour: Getting out of stuff with your homestay politely."

Tasha: "Maybe when she gets married if she thinks of it as a buffet she'll be ok."

Torrie: "I made banana bread!"

Tasha: "For the first time?"

Torrie: "No,the second time."

Austen: "The first time with sugar."

An audience member to Jules: "Your horrible brown nose was terribly effective."

An audience member to me: "I like your scar."

Sign: "Motivational Fulfillment and Packing Service."