Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm here again. Sitting in my office. Off the clock, of course, and thinking how nice it is to be done with a project.

Alan and I did the math this week, trying to figure out why we've been so tired. The answer? Between us we've opened 21 shows since January. That's a lot! No wonder.

Brigadoon opened last weekend. It's a lovely show. I love the costumes and the set. My wig is fantastic, and the weather more moderate than the last time I did a show here. I'm back with my co-star from Oklahoma, which is the third time we've been cast together so far. It's nice because we have a shorthand with each other, have already done the romantic scenes, so we're pretty comfortable with each other. He, Alan and I were the lead trio for Oklahoma, too, so it feels like a reprise. Minus the dead labrador on my head.

Wizard of Oz opens tomorrow. I did this one with a team: co-costumer K.d., and my wonderful intern, Jessica. I could not have done Brigadoon if these ladies weren't running the show backstage. I did most of the parent coordinating for this one, and K.d did most of the kid related stuff. All of my volunteers pulled through nicely on their projects, and the unfinished few were quickly passed off to my last-minute project volunteers, so everything was done last night and the show looks great.

Alan's mother is in town this week. I haven't seen much of her, since I've been working all day and teching all night. She's been hanging around with Alan's Aunt Margaret and some friends of hers from when she used to live up here. I hope she's had a nice time tromping over old grounds. She's had a hard month of it.

Alan's still working downtown, and has two months left of his assignment. He's booked up for the next year with directing gigs, and had an exciting callback last week. We're hoping for the best! (Actually, I'm hoping for the best. He's thinking the worst and preparing to be surprised, which is exactly what I do for auditions. Better that way.)

I have 3 production meetings next week for my next three costuming gigs. It's going to be a busy fall, but we'll get by alright. I also have my next Storybook Show starting in October.

Our exciting news? We've booked flights for Hawaii in a week we eeked out in our production schedules. Thanks to Living Social we have a lovely hotel package, and I booked a sunset catamaran trip for two there as well. We can't wait for the break!

I'm off now. I think I'll go putter.