Monday, July 07, 2008

Opening weekend was a success! We had a 3/4 full house on the 4th, and a full house on the 5th. I thought the second show went better than the first one, but both were good solid performances. I sang better the second night. The first night the wind was blowing and I felt dry and raspy for a few songs until my water kicked in.

Last night was a soiree for major donors. The leads from all three shows went and sang a song apiece. Afterwards we schmoozed. The Captain and I had several people come up to us who had been to the understudy performance. They all said the same thing; "Well, we saw your understudies, and really enjoyed it. You'd better do as well as they did." Huh. We looked at each other, smiled and said, "We'll do our best."

Really, what else can you say?