Saturday, January 03, 2009

The stuff has hit the fan...again.

The company I worked for over Christmas has run into financial difficulties, the upshoot being that the actors are not going to be paid on time. Which, considering that I did the show because the pay would coincide with my next rent check, is a bit of a snag. Also, the shows cancelled due to weather we are not being paid for.

No worries, arrangements have been made so that I can stay ahead of everything again, but once again it's down to the wire, and I'm having trouble sleeping nights. It would be one thing if it was my lack of planning, but to plan and plan and plan and STILL have everything fall through is extremely frustrating. One can't find a job fast enough to stop the landslide if someone else drops the ball.

In the meantime, all I can do is stand still, stop spending, and hope all of the chips fall in the right order.

I know this is the way artistic lives tend do go - always scraping by, always on the verge of failure, but my type-A personality is struggling with it this week.